Bio Fireplace Decorative Elements

Decorative Elements

We make our customers' dreams of a modern fireplace stove bioethanol come true. You can buy it for the best price and enjoy a unique atmosphere thanks to the ethanol fireplace. Ethanol fireplace does not require complicated assembly or installation even in houses or apartments where there is no chimney flue. Moreover, the installation of a bioethanol fireplace does not require any permits - so it can be installed in any room - not only in the living room but also in the kitchen, bedroom and even in the bathroom. Ecological portal bioethanol fireplaces, deceptively similar to traditional heaters, are also perfect for commercial spaces - bars, restaurants, hotels, stores and offices with proper ventilation. Although a live flame burns in the ethanol stove, the fuel burned in it is completely ecological - made of biodegradable plant material. As a result, portal bio-ethanol fireplaces emit only water vapour and a negligible amount of carbon dioxide. This is the solution for those who care about the environment but do not want to give up relaxing by the light of a living fire. We care about the comfort of use and safety of our customers. Burning biofuel in a fireplace does not produce smoke, soot or ash. It also does not emit any odours. This makes it comfortable and safe to use. Get an elegant ethanol fireplace - suitable for any room.