Zuiver [adjective] means ‘Pure’ in Dutch. ‘Zuiver’ to us means clean, pure and true designs for everyone, but not just anyone. Born in 2011 and rooted in Westzaan - a little village northwest of Amsterdam, The Netherlands - we believe that creativity makes the world more comfortable. Creativity can take the world to places we never imagined, but the most important place of all will always be home. Creating a safe haven, where you can calm down and be yourself. To make your own space as comforting as can be and evoke a sense of home. With our contemporary range of furniture, lighting and accessories we bring forward-looking materials, ideas and designs into any home. Tomorrow’s designs for today’s interiors.



Contemporary design and well-made products are things that we think everybody should be able to have. It’s the reason we do what we do. Our approach is simple but the belief behind it is much bigger. We want our products to be more than just furniture. We’re about design and function but also experiences, memories, families, comfort, the everyday, the unusual, and the unexpected.


“Your home is always at the forefront when we begin the product development journey, with a real focus on creating furniture for everyday homes while treating our planet with the utmost respect.”

Caroline van Velze, Creative Director


What we do

We believe that great design should be accessible to all. This means we design for the interior, any interior, in any room, in- and- outdoor, no matter the style. Our collection is ever-evolving. Yet, it remains consistently relatable and accessible. Our purpose is to inspire and help create the look you want. Make your journey as easy as possible along the way, by providing the timeless design with forward-looking materials, in an ever-evolving yet harmonious range of pieces that enhances the spaces you interact with daily.


Zuiver was founded in 2011, we started with a dream to design tomorrow’s interior icons for everyone and every space. The scale of what we do may have changed. But the reason we do it hasn’t. Today, Zuiver is well etched in the interior design industry. Our collection is sold in more than 80 countries over 5 different continents.

Source: zuiver.com