Be Pure
Pure excitement, that's what we feel looking at our new products welcoming a new season. Stunning carpets, cosy plaids, candles to glow in the evening and furniture turning your house in a home. All the products with our pure, rough and unique looks! We will take you to the world of BePureHome, full inspiration and good feelings.....Enjoy!

Be Pure Collection

Danish design combined with the Nordic trends of the moment. This is what Bloomingville is all about. From headquarters in Denmark, they design, develop and sell a wide range of interior objects for both home and garden with a mixed style of Scandinavia and reproductions from past times inspired by French brocante - always keeping your ever-changing home in mind. Here you can find handmade products and updated vintage in a lovely mix. Get inspired!

Bloomingville Collection

By-Boo is a new, young and dynamic Dutch brand. We do this with cool items that are slightly different. By-Boo can not be put in a booth and responds to the current living trends that we give our own twist to. With this we fulfill many living requirements. Whether it is that colorful cushion for the couch, that sturdy lamp for the top of the dining table or a soft and warm carpet, By-Boo knows how to surprise you every time.

By-Boo Collection

Carpet Decor
The Carpet Decor brand is carefully selected carpets, combining sophisticated design with the highest quality of workmanship. The brand's offer includes an exclusive collection of hand-made rugs - Handmade Collection and collections made in the Magic Home easy cleaning technology. Our team of experts does not cease in search of inspiration, thanks to which the brand has been supplemented with the Vintage line - unique, unique rugs with history in the background.

Carpet Decor Collection

Products with a soul. With a signature. Products discovered during travels. Inspired by the colours of the earth. A found story that deserves to be told. The collection is a precise blend of handcraft and industry. An affordable collection that is always in motion. Whether you live in a loft in New York, a houseboat in Amsterdam or somewhere in the country: there is something in store for you.

Dutchbone Collection

Frezo Wall Design
Wallpapers with a spirit. Original and unique designs by renown Polish artists. Many of them are examples of the best Polish wall paintings (murals) seen in restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, health centres or public houses in years 1950-1970. Brand new patterns and collections, paying attention to the highest artistry level of our designs. Designs reflected on wallpapers show perfection to the smallest detail, the reliability of colour and highest quality.

Frezo Wall Design Collection

Gie El Home
Contemporary brand focused on creating furniture, lighting and accessories for decoration of interiors. We search, design and discover beautiful items for the home and interiors, offering simple, original and timeless products and a well-tailored design. We combine modern trends in home furnishing and the craft rooted in tradition. We draw the inspiration from nature, the surrounding world and the beauty of simple, everyday objects.

Gie El Home Collection

GOOD&MOJO sustainable lighting with a good cause. We the Mojoz, want to do good by creating sustainable lighting & helping people at the same time. For every lamp you buy, we donate to the WakaWaka Foundation. They provide solar lamps to people in need of light in humanitarian aid situations in off-grid area's throughout the world. So when you buy light, you give light! Simple as that. Good&Mojo is empowered by it's about RoMi with love for people and planet.

Good&Mojo Collection

HK Living
Cool and tough items inspired by the past and given an eclectic twist. A Dutch brand with original, pure and modern designs. Collection with basics mixed with global items who will fit in many interiors. From basic through to scandic industrial this is fresh Dutch design at its affordable best. It is this combination that makes our collection so unique and cool!

HK Living Collection

House Doctor
House Doctor believes everybody deserves a healthy home. House Doctor gives you a daily Vitamin Boost for a more stylish, more inspiring, and more personal home. At House Doctor, we help you to find just the right remedy for your home. Regardless of the patient's condition, we have just the right remedy for creating a unique and personal style for your home. But a word of warning: our products are very habit-forming and may cause rapid heartbeat – even in small doses!

House Doctor Collection

A stylish range of unusual and beautiful furniture and accessories designed in Denmark with a typical Scandinavian flair. Hübsch believes that our homes must be practical but that the practical needs are mixed with spaciousness, creativity and light. Products are of excellent quality and using materials like raw untreated oak, glass, antique brass and ceramics Hübsch succeed in wowing us every season with a unique collection of items.

Hübsch Collection

it’s about RoMi
... somewhere in a tiny attic RoMi was born. Nowadays we - Realistic Open-Minded Individuals - are based along the oldest canal in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Since 1993 we have been creating homeware & lighting for your home with hard work, dedication and above all pleasure! We get our inspiration from urban life in the city, but also nature gives us plenty of ideas. We love simple yet strong design in pure materials.

it’s about RoMi Collection

KARE Design
The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

KARE Design Collection

A well-known and respected manufacturer of fireplaces and accessories. Due to the dynamic development, quality and durability of their products, they are known at the forefront of fireplace manufacturers in Europe. Since the company's inception, they are different from the competition due to our concern to provide customers with safe and effective products.

Kratki Collection

LoftLight is a Polish brand for a demanding customer. Lamps of the highest quality, produced only to order, with a unique design and using original materials, make each interior acquire a new, prestigious meaning. LoftLight offers mainly hanging concrete lamps with different color, as well as sconces, floor lamps and garden lighting.

LOFTLIGHT Collection

Miloo Garden
Miloo’s collections have become an inspiration for many persons willing to change their habits who have decided to live in the garden. Several collections of high-quality garden furniture. They range from traditional style furniture to modern design furniture. Furniture can be bought either as sets or individually. This means that everyone can create his own unique set of furniture.

Miloo Garden Collection

At Nkuku, our aim is to make it easy for you to create a home that expresses who you are through our collections of beautifully handmade pieces. We work with artisans all over the world to create individual homewares, using sustainable materials that embrace traditional skills. We celebrate organic beauty and character, so you won't find mass-produced items in our collections. Our founding values of ‘Ethical, Eco-friendly and Handmade’ remain at the heart of what we do.

Nkuku Collection

Nordal is a family-driven interior design business with 30 employees and retailers in most of Europe and in the US. With an eye for detail and function, the Nordal team hand-picks products that add character and personality to the interior décor of the home. With a joint passion for colours, shapes and aesthetics, the three siblings Signe Nordal Madsen, Mads Nordal Petersen and Emil Nordal runs the Nordal company, which was founded by their father in 1991.

Nordal Collection

Norla Design
We’re fascinated by light. We’re inspired by nature. Norla is a studio designing lamps and lampshades. We domesticate light dressing it in original shapes. We believe in local products of high quality and this is how we create our lamps. Norla stands for good design, friendly for People and the Environment.

Norla Design Collection

Dutch design narrowed down to a collection of essentials. A tasteful range of furniture and accessories made by Dutch design’s finest. We are selective. Our collection contains the best designs by designers who are just as demanding as we are. Each item is original, produced sustainably, and made of first-class material.

Puik Collection

Colour, Functionality and Fine Design. Ragaba is a furniture brand founded in 2013. They collaborate with polish artists and designers to create eco-friendly products combining creativity, aesthetics and functionality. Ragaba offers a range of interior furniture which are minimalist and tasteful.

Ragaba Collection

Extraordinary and visionary - SLAMP presents lighting with a sense for details and strives to create a more playful way to interact with light itself! SLAMP is one of the most representative brand-names in the field of decorative designer lighting; an actual point of reference for anyone wishing to possess a much sought-after, original, exclusive object, yet within everyone’s reach. Because what matters to SLAMP is to overcome itself. Always.

Oskar Perek Collection

STBR | Storebror
STBR is a brand with roots in The Netherlands but inspired by Scandinavia and its beautiful nature. All products stand for pure and honest quality, items that fit your way of living wherever home may be, a lake in Norway, a forest in Canada or a hill in Australia. We know that this collection will wake up the Storebror in you, so let the adventure begin!

STBR | Storebror Collection

For more than fifty years vtwonen is trendsetter and style master in the home segment. vtwonen is a strong brand where living and life go together perfectly. The brand has passion and is always one-step-ahead. Therefore vtwonen is the largest and most versatile brand in the home segment in the Netherlands.

VTWonen Collection

Wonderwall wallpaper will fully meet your wishes or design requirements. Just a few strips of original wallpaper will turn your room renovation into the author's design project in line with the most recent world trends in interior fashion.

WonderWall Collection

WOO .Design
Bet on unique design and enjoy the unique space! Simplicity and functionality are qualities that you will love. A stylish and functional interior is within your reach!

WOO .Design Collection

Discover the huge range of storage furniture and small furniture solutions from WOOOD. Our product range covers everything from tables to wardrobes and nursery furniture, all products in the pure WOOOD style. WOOOD, more than 35 years the best specialist and know-how for the production and distribution of flat packed solid wood furniture!

WOOOD Collection

The Dutch residential Zuiver brand stands for purity. Zuiver offers a balanced collection of lamps, furniture and home accessories, designed with a colourful and creative signature that characterises Dutch design. Pay close attention to Zuiver as the design team constantly creates new, affordable additions to the dynamic collection. Always full of colour, spunk and the famous Zuiver twist.

Zuiver Collection