Home Decorating Ideas for Spring

Spring is the season of beautiful natural colours. The rainbow in the sky, the roses in the garden and lilies bringing a smile on sad faces, all around. It is the season which excites the human mood to its peak. Many people like to dress and live in a different style in spring. If you […]

Winter Furniture Ideas for Your Home

As the winter sets in, we often find ourselves fantasizing at work about hot chocolate and warm beds. Imagine the disappointment when you come home only to get more traces of summer and none of that warm winter wonderland vibe. So, here’re some super easy tips to help bring some warmth into your home as […]

Little About Carpets

Today little about carpets 🙂 Personally I would like a flying one but I know, I know that I will find only in a fairy tale. In my opinion a house without a carpets is like a dinning room without a dinning table. Real carpets were made in the Far East, where they were intricately […]

A Guide To Using Colors To Enhance Your Mood

At WOO .Design we are all about balance and being happy! Today we will show you how color can have strong influence on your mood. As it turns out, painting your walls particular colors or surrounding yourself with objects of a certain hue can increase happiness, sharpen focus, or even influence appetite. This is why […]

Create Good FENG SHUI In The Main Entry Of Your Home

The main entry is very important in feng shui. The first impression that people have of your home comes from stepping into the entryway. Feng shui decor is all about balance and prosperity, with the utmost importance placed on yin and yang and chi for energy nourishment and when a house has good energy circulating […]

Copper Interiors – Making it Work

Copper interiors are here to stay, and with new products being launched all the time it’s worth updating a few accessories to bring a copper glow into your home. Go whichever way you want with it from shiny, smooth copper to give a sleek feel or warm, beaten copper to add a soft glow of […]

Words are not enough!

Letters, quotes, phrases on the wall, punctuation marks: they are hot! After many years of mostly using images to communicate, text with an interpretation and a bit of depth through words, is back. Also in interior design, phrases are a hit. Word garlands, black and white posters with beautiful sentences in nice graphic letters, but […]

Modern & Cozy: The Authentico Solid Wood Furniture

With our successful Authentico series we have proved that the concept of quality solid wood furniture which meet the highest demands in design can absolutely remain affordable. Authentico is a synonym for cozy and comfortable furniture. A dining table to keep forever, a basic book shelf to use as a room divider or some cubes […]

Kids Will Love: Modern Child’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If there is ever a room more suited to unleashing your creativity on, it is a child’s bedroom. But with so many choices in terms of decor, it is often hard to know where to begin. To help you get started we have included simple decorating ideas for creating children’s rooms that are fun, engaging, […]

It’s Hip To Hang: Bedside Lighting

Hanging a pendant light either side of your bed is a clever and efficient way to provide task or mood lighting in your bedroom (especially when space is at a premium), however, in todays homes, hanging pendant lights are as much a design statement as they are a practical solution and can be found in […]

SPECTREacular Interior Design Ideas In The Bond Look

SPECTRE – the latest James Bond movie – is just being released. We already had it inspire us and so we put together a lifestyle collection, which Mr. Bond would certainly like. An extravagant mix from the Oxford leather sofa in the classical Chesterfield style to a dresser that looks like a safe. 1. Deco Airplane Triplane […]

What Your Couch Says About You

Everyone has a couch (hello, you have to sit on something while you watch your favourite TV show). But whether you choose a design based on comfort, style, or even price is quite telling. Find out what your sofa says about your personality: Fainting Couch Sure, in today’s world most people would call it a […]