EOS Collection

EOS Collection

The Eos lampshade draws its force and mesmerizing beauty from its soft feathers embracing a warm atmosphere to the home. Made from all-natural goose feathers, these unique and handmade lampshades offer a soft, warm light and add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior décor.


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Eos Medium Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Medium Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Medium Lampshade Sale price€139,00
Eos XX-Large Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos XX-Large Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos XX-Large Lampshade Sale price€1.299,00
Eos X-Large Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos X-Large Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos X-Large Lampshade Sale price€449,00
Eos Large Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Large Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Large Lampshade Sale price€299,00
Eos Mini Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Mini Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Mini Lampshade Sale price€99,00
Eos Evia Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Evia Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Evia Lampshade Sale priceFrom €169,00
Eos Esther Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Esther Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Esther Lampshade Sale priceFrom €189,00
Eos Nano - WOO .DesignEos Nano - WOO .Design
Eos Nano Sale price€29,00
Eos Up Light Grey Ceiling Lamp - WOO .DesignEos Up Light Grey Ceiling Lamp - WOO .Design
Eos Up White Ceiling Lamp - WOO .DesignEos Up White Ceiling Lamp - WOO .Design
Eos Up White Ceiling Lamp Sale priceFrom €129,00
Geos Carpet - WOO .DesignGeos Carpet - WOO .Design
Geos Carpet Sale priceFrom €849,00