People often desire to decorate their homes in creative and trendy ways, but fail to do so due to the high costs of home decoration items. Everyone wants to decorate their homes, but not everyone has the required money to do so, but this article is especially for all those out there who wish to find economical ways to make their home décor stand out from the rest.
Many of you don’t know how helpful old items lying in your store among the huge piles of dirt can be for you to decorate your drawing room or even your bedrooms.

#1- DIY Canvas:
A simple way to decorate any empty wall and make it look stylish and elegant at the same time. You can decorater walls using canvas of different sizes and even cut it out in a specific shape that you like. First, you need to figure out a theme for your wall, it can be a color which is more prominent in your room or a random one such as nature or animals or the wall can also be decorated in a completely random manner without a theme.
All you need is a canvas (you can also use a wooden plank or hard Styrofoam sheet) and a printed fabric of the colors you’ve chosen or scrapbook paper. In case you plan on to do something else, then you will obviously have to choose the material according to that. Apply Mod Podge to the plank and then apply scrapbook paper. It’s better if you use thicker fabric/paper because it tends to wrinkle less. In the end apply another coat of Mod Podge to the top of the paper or leave it as it is and you’re good to go.

Image 1:

#2- Funky Lamps:

Instead of buying expensive lamps, just go for simple ones and decorate them at home at a very cheap cost. All you need is Mod Podge and a funky fabric which will be used to cover the lamp shade and your new lamp is ready!


#3- Plastic bottle plant pots:

Image 3:
The perfect way to utilize old plastic bottles lying at your home. All you need to do is cut out a piece of plastic bottle from the end and add in wet mud, let it dry for a while and then insert your favorite plants in it. You can even spray paint the bottles or hang them on the walls.



#4- DIY Magazine Holder:

Image 4:

Don’t waste your money on buying expensive magazine holders, create your own with simple cereal boxes and printed fabric. All you need to do is take a cereal box and cut it out vertically as shown in the picture, paste your favorite fabric print on the box with the help of a glue gun and your magazine holder is ready.

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