Kids Furniture

Create the perfect room for those precious first years with our kids' furniture and decorative accessories. Our unique nursery collection features room sets, cots beds, cabinets, desks & rocking horses.



No matter how young or old your children are, The Range kids’ furniture selection will inspire their imaginations while furnishing their bedrooms! Every child needs a safe, comfortable environment to grow up in. That's why choosing the right children's bedroom furniture is so important. Thankfully WOO .Design's range of kids' bedroom furniture has everything you need. First up, you can foster their creativity with kids' tables, so they have somewhere to sit and create another veritable masterpiece to stick on the fridge. Of course for that, they'll need a chair! There's a huge range of children's chairs to choose from, so this is where their unique personality comes into play. Would they prefer to sit on an elephant or a bird? Or do they prefer substance over style? In this case, a basic stool or hardback chair could be just the ticket, and there are many different colours available too, so you'll be able to find something that complements your colour scheme. Of course, if inspiration strikes you, you can decorate your bedroom to match! Just check our range of bedroom furniture for adults and you'll find the perfect style for you. Any home that has kids requires essential kid’s furniture for the children's comfort. The primary children's furniture pieces are beds, dressers, and a study or feeding table. These pieces are functional for the children and provide solutions in the home. A dresser, for example, can accommodate all baby clothes easily. It does not occupy too much floor space, and the top of the dresser can be used as a changing station or to display toys and other decoration items. Size and colour vary according to each person's preference and further minor details such as the legs and handles of choice. Beds are a must-have as a child will probably spend most of their time here. We have many designs to suit different ages and themes for boys and girls. For a uniform look, you can also get complementing decoration pieces for the bed, such as bedside tables or shelves. Similar to adult beds, you can also get a matching bench for a more luxe look. You can get a study table in the kid's furniture section for a good deal for older kids. Every piece from WOO .Design is of top quality, unique, and built to last. Small chairs for kids come in many sizes, colours and designs, all at affordable prices.