Kids' Cabinets & Shelves

With storage that’s their size, it’s easier for kids to learn to be tidy and organised. From cosy nurseries to big kid rooms, we've got the children's furniture to fit inside their space.

Cabinets & Shelves


Surely you remember the magic of reading bedtime stories? Your imagination ran riot with tales of knights in shining armour or creepy creatures hiding under the bed. At WOO .Design, we know the importance of creating spaces that the whole family can enjoy, which is why we’ve designed a collection that means magic doesn’t have to look messy. Shopping for children’s furniture can be quite an experience. This is when you need a wardrobe where you will be able to organise the clothes. Our children’s wardrobe style is timeless and practical. The wardrobe is deep enough for large hangers, so it can follow your child from the first onesie into adulthood. Plus some of our range also comes with a chest of drawers where is it easiest to store small things. Your child can easily reach and find things on their own – and put them back again. For sure, you’ll soon need a kids' wardrobe to stack their clothes, so they’re well sorted in terms of access to school uniforms, home clothes, outdoor wear, nightwear, etc. Our collection of kids' wardrobe design ideas is well-curated to meet the evolving needs of your children through their growing years. Looking online for a cool wardrobe for kids is so easy at WOO .Design.