Home Decorating Ideas for Spring

Spring is the season of beautiful natural colours. The rainbow in the sky, the roses in the garden and lilies bringing a smile on sad faces, all around. It is the season which excites the human mood to its peak. Many people like to dress and live in a different style in spring.

If you are looking to design your house fully compatible with the amazing spring season, the following tips will surely complete your dream.

Choice of Colour

Colour is a language. It conveys many messages. As spring is the season of colours, the colours to be used to decorate the house in spring should be lively too. They shouldn’t be dull or pinching.

The mixing golden of the horizon, under matured yellow or lemon, bright spring green, orange, pink and many other such colors can be used for decoration in contrast with each other. It should be kept in mind that the contrasting of colours matches the principles of beauty.


The texture of the material used for interior designing should also be in harmony and rhythm with nature and surroundings. It should be in complete contrast with each other.

Soft velvet cushions on the rough wooden chairs, silky vibrant curtains in the TV lounge having smoothly-rough flooring and many other such combinations will make your interior appealing.

Decoration Pieces

Interior of office, hotel or a house becomes more enhancing by placing attractive decoration pieces. In spring, the decorative flowers, abstract sceneries, and colourful paintings will enhance your love to spring.


It is the season of flowers. It will be good if you place original flowers in the vases along the stairs, an entrance of the kitchen, dressing table of your bedroom and in the TV lounge.


Put in a gorgeous bob to nature with adorable and playful wall sticky labels for your child’s bedroom.

For example: paste a wallpaper of an orange tree and place bit rough curtains of vibrant blue color. Simi, largely a lively wallpaper in the living room will make it perfect for the spring season.


It’s the best season to beautify your house by placing rugs and runners. Placing an abstract floral runner in the entrance will attract your guests and will give you a calm feeling. The stiff wooden flooring can be done in the kitchen.

Striped Shower Curtains

Place striped shower curtains of pink or light blue in the kid’s bathroom, green or hazel blue in adult’s and yellow and maroon for aged ones.


Crockery can also change your mood and gives you a pleasant feeling. Floral designed spoons and dishes can be used in the party to express the seasonal feeling.

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Bed Covers

With the change of season, the bed cover styles and designs should also be changed so that you can fully enjoy the season. Floral bed covers of ivory, orange, green, yellow radish pink with pretty leaf-shaped pillows will surely enhance the love and passion between the spouses. It will create a warm romantic mood.

While following the above step, keep in mind that everything should be in harmony, rhythm, and balance with the other. No doubt, beauty lies in the eyes of a human, but a violation of the principles of beauty will demolish all your efforts

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