Little About Carpets

Today little about carpets 🙂

Personally I would like a flying one but I know, I know that I will find only in a fairy tale.

In my opinion a house without a carpets is like a dinning room without a dinning table.

Real carpets were made in the Far East, where they were intricately woven on looms and hand-decorated. Some on the floor, others, woven into different patterns, hung on the walls.

Today’s carpets are more commercial – at least for the price. At WOO .Design you will find your dream carpet in terms of quality, color and design.

They are practical, provide comfort and warmth. They are perfect for a stone floor, covered with tiles or wood. They also have decorative functions. They are a beautiful finish in every interior – something like a picture frame. But as you know even the best work can spoil the wrong choice … How to choose the ideal carpet and properly expose the furniture and floor?When buying we usually think of color or pattern more often than about size. And that’s where the secret of a well-chosen carpet lies.

Believe it or not, a small rug can really spoil the appearance of even the most beautifully furnished apartment. We have seen a lot of interiors, where everything was ok – colors, accessories, beautiful furniture – and suddenly on the floor appeared the smallest rug ever… like a sweater coincide in laundry 😉

Luckily the rules for choosing the right size are simple and easy to replicate practically in any interior. Here are some tips on how to choose the right carpet for your bedroom, living room and dining room.

Living room.

It would be perfect if all the furniture in the seating area fit perfectly on the carpet, but such a big carpet would probably be expensive. The second option, also correct and probably the most used (and importantly cheaper) – is when there are only the front legs of the sofas and armchairs on the carpet, and the rear parts of furniture go out of its area.


When choosing a bedroom rug we should be guided mainly by our comfort. First of all, it supposed to be soft and cozy. Rug’s size dictates the size of the bed. If the carpet is too small, neither the bed nor the carpet will look good. For example, a rug pulled up to the wall behind the headboard, but not reaching the end of the bed, looks a bit like wearing short pants.

“Did you know that we have more than a 100 different carpets in our collection?”

Dinning room.

In the dining room the central point is table, and consequently the choice of carpet is most influenced by the size of the countertop. Briefly, the rug should be about 50 cm wider from each edge of the table. By following this rule, we will first avoid scratching the floor, and secondly, providing comfort and safety to your guest.

Hope that we helped! 🙂

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