Mix and Match – Combination Patterns

As design fans we keep ourselves inspired – also by fashion. And the latest images of the runway trends for fall 2015 show us graphic patterns in broken colours and monochrome surfaces arranged in layers.

So if you’re up to makeover one of your rooms, or even the whole apartment, you can really let your creativity run riot. Patterned wallpapers, a potpourri of different pillows, anything is fine – more is more. Of course acting like this you can quickly lose track and suddenly the wannabe designer apartment turns out to be a rather screeching hell of colours. To prevent this from happening, we put together a few tips for your next creative outburst.

Tip # 1 Get a Harmonious Combination

There are two simple variants to combine patterns. Firstly, different patterns can be combined well when they pick up on each other’s colours. In the picture above the dresser Honeycomb Blue is combined with the carpet Rhomb Orange and the sofa Julietta Orange. All three pieces contain the same shade of orange and therefore harmonise very well. Anyone who does not favour Orange, can instead combine our dresser with blue pieces, such as the Vase named Fischschwarm. Another simple method to combine patterns nicely is to use the same design and vary only in color.

Tip # 2 Create Quiet Zones

The most harmonious mix of patterns will not help if there are no open spaces. These open spaces are not patterned and its colours are related to the furniture. They are necessary for your optical perception not to become overloaded. These optical quiet zones can be created for example by a monochrome coloured wall or monochrome seat. In the example above the carpet Brick Orange is combined with the console Janus Colourful and our chair with armrests named Gamble Yellow.

Tip # 3 Stay Fresh!

Don’t be afraid that you could quickly see enough of this creative, playful look – patterned things have the advantage that they can usually be combined with many different colours. It is often enough to change the color of a wall or of other quiet areas. So your favourite patterned piece shows in ever new facets.

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