SPECTREacular Interior Design Ideas In The Bond Look

SPECTRE the latest James Bond movie is just being released. We already had it inspire us and so we put together a lifestyle collection, which Mr. Bond would certainly like. An extravagant mix from the Oxford leather sofa in the classical Chesterfield style to a dresser that looks like a safe.

1. Deco Airplane Triplane |2. Console Chain |3. VIP Baggage Trolley Vegas Black |4. Floor Lamp Manufactory 218cm |5. Armchair Rivet Black |6. Dresser Safe |7. Armchair Medallion Black |8. Room Divider Rome |9. Wardrobe Trunk Bar Colonial |10. Sofa Oxford 2-Seater Bycast Leather |11. Sideboard Casino |12. Dresser Casino

Our selected pieces reflect a well-travelled cosmopolitan, who appreciates a noble drop. Dark shades between grey and brown add elegance and understatement, while the functionality can be diverse: There is no place more appropriate for the personal liquor collection than in the wardrobe trunk Bar Colonial. This solid furniture tells of adventurous cruises on the seven seas in former times. The suitcase of a nobleman. Everything a consummate drink requires can be accommodated in this bar. It unfolds its nostalgic beauty in wood and crocodile embossing. In the closed state, the piece of furniture is elegant and unobtrusive in the room – restrained and mysterious. But when the time is right, our Bond girl may peek inside.

Some furniture from our collection let us feel the charm of a noble, colonial grand hotel. Here the secret agent can let himself fall into the chair after a busy morning and do his correspondence with London.Meanwhile, the huge clock on the wall reminds him of his own mortality. It seems heavy and meaningful thanks to its opulent proportions and the antique-style Roman numerals.

1. Secretary Desk Colonial Cross |2. Home Fragrance Boudoir Riffle |3. Pendant Lamp Bliss |4. Wall Clock Factory 120cm |5. Wall Decoration Lustgarten 300x370cm |6. Sofa Oxford 2-Seater Bycast Leather |7. Coffee Mug Ceasars Palace (2-Set) |8. Deco Trunk Lodge Cognac

For Bond Girls

Girls like us don’t just want to be the eternal Miss Moneypenny, but literally aim to be seduced by our personal 007. To attract him, it takes tactics and intuition candles and a delicate fragrance accomplish the plan. If he wins the game, he may embed his head upon our royal velvet cushions – until the next mission.

1. Chess Set Big Chess |2. Home Fragrance Boudoir Riffle |3. Candle Holder Ombre 51cm |4. Cushion Roi Solei 45x45cm

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