Winter Furniture Ideas for Your Home

As the winter sets in, we often find ourselves fantasizing at work about hot chocolate and warm beds. Imagine the disappointment when you come home only to get more traces of summer and none of that warm winter wonderland vibe. So, here’re some super easy tips to help bring some warmth into your home as the temperature drops:

Maximize your Neutrals

Instead of having striking colours surround you, try and go more to the neutral side. It’ll relieve stress and instantly change the ambiance of your home. More earthy colors with a dash of orange or red in between will really set the festive mood! A champagne colored couch around a warm fireplace with a new coffee table can brighten up anyone’s day.

When buying new furniture, look out for furniture discount codes or promo codes. These codes can help you save up to hundreds of dollars on your overall order!

Hübsch Lzy Rattan Lounge Chair with Footstool

Focus on the Fireplace

Your fireplace probably feels neglected through the course of the summer but it’s time for a fire show now that the winter has set in. Adorn your fireplace with small decorations and candles. Scented candles, glass decorations, and holiday-specific adornments work the best! Throw in a couple of pillows and warm rugs to give your home a more comfy and inviting feel to it.
Most people bond over coffee or hot chocolate during the harsh winter. And a warm, cozy room with a fireplace only adds to the magical experience.

October Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

As the days get shorter, one must make the best of the short daylight hours. The best way to do so is to hang large mirrors inside your house, these reflect the light into your space, brightening it up.
In places where the winter brings complete darkness, it would be smart to invest in warm lighting. The warm lighting with cleverly mimic the sunlight and give your house a much needed romantic lift. There’s a variety of lamps, candles, and bulbs available online to choose from.

Kare Design Finca Mirror

Scents of the Season

It has become an informal tradition of sorts to welcome the winter with the scents of the season. You can show your holiday cheer with a bright arrangement of seasonal aromatics like cinnamon sticks, pine needles or potpourri. Not only do our noses love these, but the pop of colour is kind on the eyes in contrast with the harsh snow.

Dreamy Draperies

You can redecorate your home for the winter without an extensive budget. But truth be told, thick curtains or beautifully patterned draperies are worth investing in. Blocking out the winter draft and bringing comfort to the living spaces, a floral drapery is something you won’t regret adding to your living quarters.

Save up

While buying slightly expensive furniture for your home décor, be on the lookout for discount codes or cheap furniture delivery rates. Many companies and website offer free furniture delivery days as well as yearly sales with deals you can’t resist. So be smart with that budget and add warmth and style to your home without spending more than you need to!

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