Words are not enough!

Letters, quotes, phrases on the wall, punctuation marks: they are hot! After many years of mostly using images to communicate, text with an interpretation and a bit of depth through words, is back. Also in interior design, phrases are a hit. Word garlands, black and white posters with beautiful sentences in nice graphic letters, but even the slightly stuffy sawn out signs “Home” and “Love” people place on their windowsill are a good example. Home design magazines also use letters, numbers, words and graphic punctuation marks as a finishing touch to their styling.

“Letters, quotes, phrases on the wall, punctuation marks: they are hot!”

At Zuiver we took this trend to another level by adding a new spectacular lamp to the collection: The Lightbox Saber. A lightbox supplied with 105 letters, numbers and punctuation marks so you can effortlessly create a phrase or a cool expression! I love it and for that price you just can’t say no! Have a look at the Zuiver Instagram account @zuiver for a few styling ideas including Saber.

“Style with words”

How wonderful it is, to come up with a phrase to place in there. During my almost daily quests on the world wide web, I’ve noticed that nowadays you won’t make it with just a pretty picture. You also need to inspire by using text.

My design team and I scour the internet on an almost daily basis, searching for beautiful new images. You can find us the whole year round on Pinterest. We have created a couple of ‘secret boards’, there we nourish each other with beautiful images. Something I have noticed for a while now is the rising of text and not just used for styling, but literally: in the form of a blog. You see it happening all over Instagram. Many users have started a blog, to create some depth to the pictures. At Zuiver we follow many bloggers with a passion for interior design. We like collaborating with them. They write nice reviews and place pictures of our products and we hope this will inspire their followers. It is a good way to show our products to a large audience.

“Attention to all bloggers: have a good look around you and be receptive to inspiration.”

Last week I organised an evening for interior bloggers, so we could get to know each other a bit better. To meet each other, but also to be able to talk about the future. For this occasion I invited my favourite trend watcher from ItFits!, Truus Dokter to present to the twenty odd bloggers, who travelled all the way to the “far” Westzaan, what is about to happen in the furniture industry. Marketplace 4.0 and “smart collaboration” was the theme of the lecture given to us by Truus. As regards to the smart collaboration, the bloggers and I made a good step in the right direction that night! ?

Photo’s taken by: (1) Blogger Anne from Remade with love (2) Blogger Sandra from Koselig Blog (3) Blogger Mardou from Sevencouches

“Enough words, it’s time for some images”

Enough words, it’s time for some images. Because in the end, of course, we also want to see what that lamp or that beautiful chair looks like in our interior! Well, according to Truus, I have to move with the times. I have to introduce spectacles that make it possible for the viewer at home to virtually place our sofa in their interior, to be able to walk around it and change the colour of it…. There you have it: Words are not enough…. To be continued!

Source: Zuiver Blog

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