I Amsterdam. Travel memorie from Zuiver.

This time I would like to take you on an amazing adventure. Some people say that the first time always stays in our memory, but for me, my first visit to Amsterdam was a memorable experience and will always remain in my heart. The city caused a madness of various emotions to me from being surprised, delighted, and sometimes shocked always positive tho! 🙂 I honestly don’t think there is such a place on earth where there are more bikes than people, prostitution is fully acceptable, and the smell of marijuana is constantly floating in the air.

Famous Netherlands canals
Beautiful St. Nicholas Church by night

To me, Amsterdam is a cultural injection that you just have to take once in your life. Amazed by a number of museums, 160 canals, which divides into alleys, where each alley hides something magical like architecture and great people.

Authentic Zaandam mills on the water channel in Zaanstad village

Looking at this city I can easily say that those people are open and they like their freedom in what they say and do. You can see it even in objects like furniture around them. One of the places where you can notice that is ZUIVER – one of our suppliers in a place called Zaandam close enough to Amsterdam.

WOO .Team at Zuiver

ZUIVER “was founded in 1998 and means “clean” is a Dutch interior label with a large collection of friendly priced products. The collection is well known for its famous Zuiver twist: on trend, fresh, young and original. The Zuiver collection is packed with contemporary products. All products are designed by the Zuiver design team and it is possible to mix and match them with any lifestyle. The dynamic collection with its quirky signature is already a hit in more than fifty countries.”

The success of Zuiver is based on the collection of satisfied customers, whose love and passion is the arrangement of unique and original interiors. Their distinguishing feature is the ability to combine styles from around the world and the selection of appropriate elements, which are developed by their own, famous, Dutch designers. Zuiver is also a variety of products that create an inspirational and powerful collection in a modern, sometimes jocular style.

Gertjan (account manager at Zuiver) with WOO .Team

At WOO .Design we always are on the look-out, constantly growing our catalog to offer you a wealth of fresh ideas and new finds each time you visit. It has to be a big WOW before we select furniture to our shop but for ZUIVER is WOW WOW WOW!

We invite you to check the news and inspiration of the Zuiver brand!

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