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When we want to refresh a tired interior, one of the things we think of is new walls.

The walls of your home have the advantage of changing and transforming your space with the help of wallpaper. The colorful world of walls gives you enormous opportunity to bring your imagination and aesthetics come alive, that’s why we would like to introduce you wallpapers from FREZO – the heir of a great Polish artist whose fabulous wall murals used to decorate many fashionable venues and public places in the 50s-70s. Today the heritage of the great painter has been revived in the form of fantastic ART Wallpapers – exceptional quality reproductions of the original artworks.

The projects we offer are undoubtedly some of the best examples of the art of wall murals. The original wall paintings, which could be seen in restaurants, coffee shops, club, spas and other exclusive houses of the period back then, have been most precisely scanned to minor detail. Over 100 more projects have been recently discovered. All of these have formed the FREZO Wall Design project – a unique collection of art wallpapers, brilliant reproductions of the original wall murals. All our artworks can be printed as small (home interior) or large-scale (public venues) wall designs and can bring in a uniquely artistic atmosphere to any interior project.

FREZO Wall Design

Apart from the classic motives, we design brand new patterns and introduce collections of other exciting contemporary painters. In our art wallpaper designs, we always pay attention to details. We can often offer diverse and flexible solutions. And we remain dedicated to delivering the highest artistry level in all our wallpaper projects and additional products. Our range of extra design offers includes reproductions of the original paintings in the form of posters, canvas prints and glass panels for kitchen and bathrooms.

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