Transform your outside space with stylish range of garden furniture

Whether you want to relax in your balcony, dine in your garden or spend time together on your patio, we’ve lots of comfortable and durable outdoor furniture for creating (even more) space for living in.
In WOO design you will find what you need to make your great outdoors even better.
Discover everything you need to transform your outdoor area with Miloo furniture.

Miloo furniture is a collection of dozens of high quality garden furniture. From traditional style to modern design. Furniture can be purchased in sets or individually. This way, everyone can create their own set.
Let’s break conventions, let’s imagine, let’s create a family space under the roof of heaven, let’s go out with the everyday life outside the walls of the house. Let’s enjoy the charms of spring and summer surrounded by sun and flowers! Rich collection of furniture and garden accessories Miloo will allow us to fulfill dreams of a comfortable existence in direct contact with nature. Miloo is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to decorate their homes, terraces, balconies or gardens in unique and elegant style. Thanks to the aesthetics and comfort of the users, Miloo’s collections have become an inspiration for many people who want to change their horizons and have decided to stay in the fence!
Developed for Miloo a special variant of techno-rattan with increased durability. It is a synthetic fiber that combines all the advantages of natural rattans with weather resistance. Furniture made of eco-rattan should be cleaned with a sponge or brush with warm water with mild detergent.

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