Bor 2.5-Seater Sofa


There is nothing more pleasing to the body when it needs rest than a soft mushy and extremely comfortable platform where it can relax with ease and our Bor 2.5-Seater Sofa is a delightful representation of what every sofa should look like with sturdy armrests and powerful seating structure. This special seat cushion features an impeccable detailed stitching on its 85.5% textured polyester and 14.5% polypropylene fabric compactly organized with high quality PU foam filling, a solid frame structure which consists of a combination of special quality pinewood, chipboard, hardwood and plywood, and an addition of 25mm black plastic legs. Our premium quality Bor 2.5-Seater design is available in latte, grey, and anthracite colors and you just have to pick the one that suits your home décor arrangement the most.