Delta Corner Bio Fireplace Right

€379.00 - €579.00

Horizontal, corner bio fireplace open on the right side is an ideal solution for fitting in the nook. Thanks to the double-sided fire vision, panoramic look, and gentle front frame, it perfectly fits into the style of modern interiors. This type of...

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Standard equipment of bio fireplace:

  • Biofuel container: absorbing insert placed in a container provides safety of the bio fireplace and eliminates any risk of spillage of fuel, even in the case of bio container's overturning. Bio container is made of stainless steel.

    ATTENTION!! Once the container can be poured up to 50% of its capacity. A larger amount of liquid may cause pouring it while possible tilting.

  • Regulating the handle for the container.

Assembly method:

It requires assembly in the wall nook.


Weight: 11 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 28 x 48 cm
Capacity of bio insert (l): 0.75, 1.00, 1.40, 0.50
Material:painted steel

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