Foxtrot Bio Fireplace

€199.00 - €288.00

For bio fireplaces limits do not exist, such devices do not require complicated installation or connection to the chimney, they are easy to install and to use. They can be placed both in a spacious house or a smaller flat. Bio fireplaces are also an...

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Bio-fireplace equipment (standard):

  • Biofuel container: an absorbent placed in a bio container ensures the safe use of the bio fireplace and excludes the risk of spillage of fuel, even in the event of a container overturning. The container for biofuel made of stainless steel.
    NOTE: 50% of the capacity of the bio container can be poured into the container at the same time. The greater amount of liquid will cause the liquid to spill over after leaning the bio fireplace.

  • Adjustable handle for the container.

Mounting method:

Free-standing, does not require assembly, It can be placed anywhere.


Weight: 14.7 kg
Dimensions: 36 x 29 x 70.2 cm
Material:painted steel in black biofuel container: stainless steel
Capacity of bio insert (l):0.20

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