Little About Carpets

Today little about carpets 🙂 Personally I would like a flying one but I know, I know that I will find only in a fairy tale. In my opinion a house without a carpets is like a dinning room without a dinning table. Real carpets were made in the Far East, where they were intricately […]

I Amsterdam. Travel memorie from Zuiver.

This time I would like to take you on an amazing adventure. Some people say that the first time always stays in our memory, but for me, my first visit to Amsterdam was a memorable experience and will always remain in my heart. The city caused a madness of various emotions to me from being surprised, delighted, […]

Copper Interiors – Making it Work

Copper interiors are here to stay, and with new products being launched all the time it’s worth updating a few accessories to bring a copper glow into your home. Go whichever way you want with it from shiny, smooth copper to give a sleek feel or warm, beaten copper to add a soft glow of […]

Modern & Cozy: The Authentico Solid Wood Furniture

With our successful Authentico series we have proved that the concept of quality solid wood furniture which meet the highest demands in design can absolutely remain affordable. Authentico is a synonym for cozy and comfortable furniture. A dining table to keep forever, a basic book shelf to use as a room divider or some cubes […]

SPECTREacular Interior Design Ideas In The Bond Look

SPECTRE – the latest James Bond movie – is just being released. We already had it inspire us and so we put together a lifestyle collection, which Mr. Bond would certainly like. An extravagant mix from the Oxford leather sofa in the classical Chesterfield style to a dresser that looks like a safe. 1. Deco Airplane Triplane […]

How To Decorate Your Halloween Party

Halloween doesn’t have to be all kitschy witches on brooms and fake cobwebs—it can be a modern and tasteful affair. Here, we’ve gathered ten inspirational pins showing ways to celebrate the holiday with style and sophistication while still having fun! Decor and Style knows it is not easy to set up a Halloween Party that would […]