Little About Carpets

Today little about carpets 🙂 Personally I would like a flying one but I know, I know that I will find only in a fairy tale. In my opinion a house without a carpets is like a dinning room without a dinning table. Real carpets were made in the Far East, where they were intricately […]

Create Good FENG SHUI In The Main Entry Of Your Home

The main entry is very important in feng shui. The first impression that people have of your home comes from stepping into the entryway. Feng shui decor is all about balance and prosperity, with the utmost importance placed on yin and yang and chi for energy nourishment and when a house has good energy circulating […]

Modern & Cozy: The Authentico Solid Wood Furniture

With our successful Authentico series we have proved that the concept of quality solid wood furniture which meet the highest demands in design can absolutely remain affordable. Authentico is a synonym for cozy and comfortable furniture. A dining table to keep forever, a basic book shelf to use as a room divider or some cubes […]