Little About Carpets

Today little about carpets 🙂 Personally I would like a flying one but I know, I know that I will find only in a fairy tale. In my opinion a house without a carpets is like a dinning room without a dinning table. Real carpets were made in the Far East, where they were intricately […]

I Amsterdam. Travel memorie from Zuiver.

This time I would like to take you on an amazing adventure. Some people say that the first time always stays in our memory, but for me, my first visit to Amsterdam was a memorable experience and will always remain in my heart. The city caused a madness of various emotions to me from being surprised, delighted, […]

Words are not enough!

Letters, quotes, phrases on the wall, punctuation marks: they are hot! After many years of mostly using images to communicate, text with an interpretation and a bit of depth through words, is back. Also in interior design, phrases are a hit. Word garlands, black and white posters with beautiful sentences in nice graphic letters, but […]