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Kids' Seats

It’s a lot more fun taking a seat at chairs created just for you! Our children's chairs are designed with your little one in mind. These kid-sized pieces are lightweight and easy to carry, yet durable enough to handle the rough and tumble of everyday play.


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366 Junior Shine Velvet Armchair - WOO .Design366 Junior Shine Velvet Armchair - WOO .Design
366 Junior Marble Armchair - WOO .Design366 Junior Marble Armchair - WOO .Design
366 Junior Coco Armchair - WOO .Design366 Junior Coco Armchair - WOO .Design
366 Junior Boucle Armchair - WOO .Design366 Junior Boucle Armchair - WOO .Design
Spider Grey Metal/Wood Stool - WOO .DesignSpider Grey Metal/Wood Stool - WOO .Design