At TON we consider quality to be a key aspect of sustainability because a product that provides comfort over several decades ultimately saves on materials and resources. We focus on quality control throughout the entire production process, and we perform several tests to ensure that our products meet durability standards set by the European Union.



Founded in 1861 by Michael Thonet, TON are a Czech manufacturer specialising in bentwood furniture. They still manufacture all furniture by hand in their Czech Republic factory using the same traditional techniques. They make "furniture with people and for people" and operate with a strict no waste policy, which keeps the sale price at a very reasonable level. TON have a deep company history that is visible in their original designs that are still on sale today. Their collaborations with architects and designs have given a contemporary edge to the existing heritage range and pushed on with completely new modern designs.


hand-crafted for generations

what motivates us

We dream of beauty before creating each product. For us wood bending is all about strength. A product that is both strong and beautiful is timeless. It passes from generation to generation as our craft. Our ethos is to conduct ourselves in an honest and friendly manner for the benefit of people and nature.

Milan Dostalík, CEO

the people

Each product is the work of at least 20 pairs of hands. They are the hands of a team of craftsmen and craftswomen who for six generations have been endowing steamed wood with new shapes and forms. Once bentwood dries, our skilled hands set to work on sanding, staining, assembling, oiling, upholstering and packing.

In short, the story of your chair begins months before you are seated.

the place

The inventor and entrepreneur Michael Thonet was lured to Bystřice pod Hostýnem by the town’s surrounding beech forests, hardworking local folk, and logistically advantageous position. Together with his sons he built his factory here in 1861, the oldest surviving factory of its kind in the world. Throughout its history the factory has been through several ownership structures and name changes. The current name TON originates from 1953 and is an acronym for the Czech Továrny na ohýbaný nábytek, ‘bentwood furniture factories’ in English. What has not changed in the 160 years of its existence is the unique atmosphere of the place, formed by its people and their singular approach to their craft