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Garden Armchairs & Pouffes

Create an automatic chill-out zone no matter how big your garden, terrace, or balcony is with our outdoor armchairs and garden pouffes. Here you'll find everything from sustainably sourced solid wood armchairs to PET recycled ocean plastic fibre pouffes. Our outdoor furniture is built to last while bringing style to your exterior.


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Mundo Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignMundo Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Mundo Lounge Chair Sale price€268,99 Regular price€478,99
Mundo S Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignMundo S Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Acapulco Armchair (2/Set) - WOO .DesignAcapulco Armchair (2/Set) - WOO .Design
Acapulco Armchair (2/Set) Sale price€159,00
Jane Lounge Chair (2/Set) - WOO .DesignJane Lounge Chair (2/Set) - WOO .Design
Jane Lounge Chair (2/Set) Sale price€299,00
Bali Chair - WOO .DesignBali Chair - WOO .Design
Bali Chair Sale price€319,00
Banco Wooden Outdoor Chair - WOO .DesignBanco Wooden Outdoor Chair - WOO .Design
Hapur Lounge chair - WOO .DesignHapur Lounge chair - WOO .Design
Hapur Lounge Chair Sale price€699,00
Rio de Janeiro Folding Chair - WOO .DesignRio de Janeiro Folding Chair - WOO .Design
Ipanema Folding Chair - WOO .DesignIpanema Folding Chair - WOO .Design
Puk Aluminium Armchair (2/Set) - WOO .DesignPuk Aluminium Armchair (2/Set) - WOO .Design
Puk Aluminium Armchair (2/Set) Sale price€459,00
Frankie Brown Mekange Rattan Outdoor Armchair - WOO .DesignFrankie Brown Mekange Rattan Outdoor Armchair - WOO .Design
Korfu Module Pouf - WOO .DesignKorfu Module Pouf - WOO .Design
Korfu Module Pouf Sale price€229,00
Korfu Module Sofa Left Corner - WOO .DesignKorfu Module Sofa Left Corner - WOO .Design
Korfu Module Sofa Right Corner - WOO .DesignKorfu Module Sofa Right Corner - WOO .Design
Tom Rocking Chair - WOO .DesignTom Rocking Chair - WOO .Design
Tom Rocking Chair Sale price€179,00
Woodie Nature Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignWoodie Nature Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Loun Grey Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignLoun Grey Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Korfu Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignKorfu Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Sole Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignSole Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Sole Lounge Chair Sale price€329,00
Korfu Module Chair - WOO .DesignKorfu Module Chair - WOO .Design
Cuby Garden Armchair - WOO .DesignCuby Garden Armchair - WOO .Design
Cuby Garden Armchair Sale priceFrom €579,00
Arm-Strong Outdoor ChairArm-Strong Outdoor Chair
Arm-Strong Outdoor Chair Sale price€1.019,00
Brick Outdoor Module Sofa PoufBrick Outdoor Module Sofa Pouf
Brick Outdoor Module Sofa Pouf Sale price€1.299,00
Brick Outdoor Module Corner SofaBrick Outdoor Module Corner Sofa
Brick Outdoor Module Corner Sofa Sale price€2.119,00
Brick Outdoor Module Space SofaBrick Outdoor Module Space Sofa
Brick Outdoor Module Space Sofa Sale price€1.819,00
Half Moon Outdoor SunbedHalf Moon Outdoor Sunbed
Half Moon Outdoor Sunbed Sale price€1.699,00
Folding Outdoor MattressFolding Outdoor Mattress
Folding Outdoor Mattress Sale price€449,00
Connect Outdoor MattressConnect Outdoor Mattress
Connect Outdoor Mattress Sale priceFrom €299,00
Felix Outdoor LoungerFelix Outdoor Lounger
Felix Outdoor Lounger Sale price€619,00
Full Moon Outdoor TableFull Moon Outdoor Table
Full Moon Outdoor Table Sale price€1.099,00
Tiny Moon Outdoor TableTiny Moon Outdoor Table
Tiny Moon Outdoor Table Sale price€559,00
Full Moon Outdoor PoufFull Moon Outdoor Pouf
Full Moon Outdoor Pouf Sale price€1.019,00
Tiny Moon Outdoor PoufTiny Moon Outdoor Pouf
Tiny Moon Outdoor Pouf Sale price€469,00
Oblong Outdoor PoufOblong Outdoor Pouf
Oblong Outdoor Pouf Sale price€599,00
Satellite Outdoor Lounge BeanbagSatellite Outdoor Lounge Beanbag
Arm-Strong Outdoor PoufArm-Strong Outdoor Pouf
Arm-Strong Outdoor Pouf Sale price€1.019,00