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Mirror, mirror on the wall… Mirrors are more than just a practical piece of furniture for your home, with new styles, shapes and colours you can really make a statement when decorating your walls or rooms. We have a gorgeous collection of free-standing mirrors and wall mirrors, including round, square, full-length, decorative and minimalist mirrors.


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Pejo Black Antique Horizontal MirrorPejo Black Antique Horizontal Mirror
Pejo Black Antique Vertical MirrorPejo Black Antique Vertical Mirror
Glamour MirrorGlamour Mirror
Glamour Mirror Sale price€389,00
Bubbles MirrorBubbles Mirror
Bubbles Mirror Sale price€249,00
Caroun Bamboo Wood Stand MirrorCaroun Bamboo Wood Stand Mirror
Caroun Bamboo Wood MirrorCaroun Bamboo Wood Mirror
Caroun Bamboo Wood Mirror Sale priceFrom €119,00
Save €50,00
Walls Mirror - WOO .DesignWalls Mirror - WOO .Design
Walls Grey Mirror Ø110 Sale price€198,99 Regular price€248,99
Pejo White Mirror (2/Set)Pejo White Mirror (2/Set)
Kioo MirrorKioo Mirror
Kioo Mirror Sale price€119,00
Kari MirrorKari Mirror
Kari Mirror Sale price€99,00
Evol Beige Floor MirrorEvol Beige Floor Mirror
Evol Beige Floor Mirror Sale price€299,00
Evol Beige MirrorEvol Beige Mirror
Evol Beige Mirror Sale price€139,00
Muna MirrorMuna Mirror
Muna Mirror Sale price€99,00
Segno Black Wall MirrorSegno Black Wall Mirror
Jet Turbine Look Wall MirrorJet Turbine Look Wall Mirror
Bora Bora Wall MirrorBora Bora Wall Mirror
Bora Bora Wall Mirror Sale priceFrom €159,00
Ombra Soft Black Round MirrorOmbra Soft Black Round Mirror
Ombra Soft Black Rectangular MirrorOmbra Soft Black Rectangular Mirror
Bonita Black Square Wall MirrorBonita Black Square Wall Mirror
Bonita Black Rectangular Wall MirrorBonita Black Rectangular Wall Mirror
Solo Wall MirrorSolo Wall Mirror
Solo Wall Mirror Sale price€579,00
Looks MirrorLooks Mirror
Looks Mirror Sale priceFrom €159,00
Jersey Round Mirror - WOO .DesignJersey Round Mirror - WOO .Design
Jersey Round Mirror Sale priceFrom €139,00
Nyko Asymmetrical Mirror - WOO .DesignNyko Asymmetrical Mirror - WOO .Design
Nyko Mirror - WOO .DesignNyko Mirror - WOO .Design
Nyko Mirror Sale priceFrom €99,00
Nyko Square Mirror - WOO .DesignNyko Square Mirror - WOO .Design
Nyko Rectangular Mirror - WOO .DesignNyko Rectangular Mirror - WOO .Design
Nyko Oval Mirror - WOO .DesignNyko Oval Mirror - WOO .Design
Surya Rope Mirror - WOO .DesignSurya Rope Mirror - WOO .Design
Surya Rope Mirror Sale priceFrom €69,00
Miyu Mirror - WOO .DesignMiyu Mirror - WOO .Design
Miyu Mirror Sale price€169,00
Peme Organic Mirror - WOO .DesignPeme Organic Mirror - WOO .Design
Peme Organic Mirror Sale priceFrom €99,00
Boney Silver Disco Ball - WOO .DesignBoney Silver Disco Ball - WOO .Design
Boney Silver Disco Ball Sale price€169,00
Granada Antique Mirror - WOO .DesignGranada Antique Mirror - WOO .Design
Jersey Round Mirror - WOO .DesignJersey Round Mirror - WOO .Design
Jersey Mini Round Mirror Sale priceFrom €39,00
Jersey Square Mirror - WOO .DesignJersey Square Mirror - WOO .Design
Jersey Square Mirror Sale price€69,00
Jersey Oval Mirror - WOO .DesignJersey Oval Mirror - WOO .Design
Jersey Oval Mirror Sale price€69,00