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Mirror, mirror on the wall… Mirrors are more than just a practical piece of furniture for your home, with new styles, shapes and colours you can really make a statement when decorating your walls or rooms. We have a gorgeous collection of free-standing mirrors and wall mirrors, including round, square, full-length, decorative and minimalist mirrors.


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Doutzen Black Metal Rectangular Mirror - WOO .DesignDoutzen Black Metal Rectangular Mirror - WOO .Design
Ashley Mirror - WOO .DesignAshley Mirror - WOO .Design
Ashley Mirror Sale price€219,00
Hipster Mirror - WOO .DesignHipster Mirror - WOO .Design
Matz Medium Oval Mirror - WOO .DesignMatz Medium Oval Mirror - WOO .Design
Matz Medium Oval Mirror Sale price€129,00
Walls Oval Mirror - WOO .DesignWalls Oval Mirror - WOO .Design
Tess Mirror - WOO .DesignTess Mirror - WOO .Design
Tess Mirror Sale price€129,00
Walls Mirror - WOO .DesignWalls Mirror - WOO .Design
Walls Mirror Sale priceFrom €139,00
Agile Antique Brass Metal Mirror - WOO .DesignAgile Antique Brass Metal Mirror - WOO .Design
Miro Black Wall MirrorMiro Black Wall Mirror
Walls Mini Mirror - WOO .DesignWalls Mini Mirror - WOO .Design
Walls Mini Mirror Sale priceFrom €59,00
Curve Rectangular Mirror - WOO .DesignCurve Rectangular Mirror - WOO .Design
Curve Rectangular Mirror Sale priceFrom €459,00
Lina Black Metal MirrorLina Black Metal Mirror
Mila Black Metal MirrorMila Black Metal Mirror
Juna Black Metal MirrorJuna Black Metal Mirror
Lima Walnut MirrorLima Walnut Mirror
Lima Walnut Mirror Sale price€199,00
Curve Arch Gold Floor MirrorCurve Arch Gold Floor Mirror
Opera Gold Wall MirrorOpera Gold Wall Mirror
Opera Gold Oval Wall MirrorOpera Gold Oval Wall Mirror
Opera Brass Rectangular Wall MirrorOpera Brass Rectangular Wall Mirror
Volare Gold Wall MirrorVolare Gold Wall Mirror
Daisy Gold Wall MirrorDaisy Gold Wall Mirror
Double Row Gold Wall MirrorDouble Row Gold Wall Mirror
Double Row Gold Wall Mirror Sale priceFrom €549,00
Baroque Valentina Wall MirrorBaroque Valentina Wall Mirror
Baroque Valentina Wall Mirror Sale priceFrom €1.169,00
Hotel Central Black Wall MirrorHotel Central Black Wall Mirror
Finestra Black Wall MirrorFinestra Black Wall Mirror
Finestra Black Wall Mirror Sale priceFrom €329,00
Royal Residence Wall MirrorRoyal Residence Wall Mirror
Royal Residence Grey MirrorRoyal Residence Grey Mirror
Bonita Black Bonita BlackBonita Black Bonita Black
Nastro Black Wall MirrorNastro Black Wall Mirror
Sunlight MirrorSunlight Mirror
Sunlight Mirror Sale price€319,00
Solare Gold MirrorSolare Gold Mirror
Solare Gold Mirror Sale price€1.639,00
Soft Beauty MirrorSoft Beauty Mirror
Soft Beauty Mirror Sale price€1.219,00
Linea MirrorLinea Mirror
Linea Mirror Sale price€1.039,00
Sun Storm Gold MirrorSun Storm Gold Mirror
Curve Floor MirrorCurve Floor Mirror
Curve Floor Mirror Sale priceFrom €469,00
Bubbles Brass MirrorBubbles Brass Mirror