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It’s nice to relax with your feet on something comfortable. A new rug also lets you upgrade your décor without a lot of time and effort, so you’ll be happy from head to toe. Choose from soft fluffy rugs that feel great underfoot to natural-looking jute rugs.


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The Legend Of Koi Carpet - WOO .DesignThe Legend Of Koi Carpet - WOO .Design
The Legend Of Koi Carpet Sale price€399,00
Bodega Round Carpet - WOO .DesignBodega Round Carpet - WOO .Design
Bodega Round Carpet Sale price€329,00
Java Carpet - WOO .DesignJava Carpet - WOO .Design
Java Carpet Sale priceFrom €249,00
Rugged Carpet - WOO .DesignRugged Carpet - WOO .Design
Rugged Carpet Sale priceFrom €349,00
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Swirl Bath Mat - WOO .DesignSwirl Bath Mat - WOO .Design
Swirl Bath Mat Sale priceFrom €12,00 Regular price€19,00
Etna Carpet - WOO .DesignEtna Carpet - WOO .Design
Etna Carpet Sale priceFrom €289,00
Spots Beige CarpetSpots Beige Carpet
Lignes Beige CarpetLignes Beige Carpet
Hampton Cotton CarpetHampton Cotton Carpet
Hampton Cotton Carpet Sale priceFrom €299,00
Treccia Grey CarpetTreccia Grey Carpet
Treccia Grey Carpet Sale price€959,00
Boas CarpetBoas Carpet
Boas Carpet Sale price€249,00
Punto Leather CarpetPunto Leather Carpet
Lola Leather CarpetLola Leather Carpet
Lola Leather Carpet Sale price€1.139,00
Izmir Blue/Brown Leather CarpetIzmir Blue/Brown Leather Carpet
Sketch Blue CarpetSketch Blue Carpet
Sketch Blue Carpet Sale price€659,00
Art Signs CarpetArt Signs Carpet
Art Signs Carpet Sale price€329,00
Amal CarpetAmal Carpet
Amal Carpet Sale price€319,00
Vintage Deep Sea Blue CarpetVintage Deep Sea Blue Carpet
Melvin CarpetMelvin Carpet
Melvin Carpet Sale priceFrom €339,00
Graphic Art Brown/Black CarpetGraphic Art Brown/Black Carpet
Flowery Cotton CarpetFlowery Cotton Carpet
Madeira CarpetMadeira Carpet
Madeira Carpet Sale price€319,00
Downtown Green CarpetDowntown Green Carpet
Shifted Leather CarpetShifted Leather Carpet
Shifted Leather Carpet Sale price€1.089,00
Adana Leather CarpetAdana Leather Carpet
Adana Leather Carpet Sale price€1.139,00
Gemstone Wool CarpetGemstone Wool Carpet
Colombu Powder Sand/Grey CarpetColombu Powder Sand/Grey Carpet
Harmony CarpetHarmony Carpet
Harmony Carpet Sale price€369,00
Geometrix Wool CarpetGeometrix Wool Carpet
Glimmer Viscose CarpetGlimmer Viscose Carpet
Glimmer Viscose Carpet Sale price€549,00
Costa Yellow Viscose CarpetCosta Yellow Viscose Carpet
Circle Leather Round CarpetCircle Leather Round Carpet
Circle Leather Round Carpet Sale priceFrom €419,00
Vinod Green CarpetVinod Green Carpet
Vinod Green Carpet Sale price€369,00
Reptile Wool CarpetReptile Wool Carpet
Reptile Wool Carpet Sale price€629,00
Tulip CarpetTulip Carpet
Tulip Carpet Sale price€1.139,00
Kalli Multi Wool CarpetKalli Multi Wool Carpet