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Footstools & Pouffes

Complete your living area with a super soft velvet pouffe, perfect for popping your feet on or resting a tray of afternoon tea. Or let yourself be hugged by the comfiest bean bag, in a choice of vibrant colours or luxury sheepskin.


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Cherry Animal Print Velvet Stool - WOO .DesignCherry Animal Print Velvet Stool - WOO .Design
Lazy Sack Lounge Hocker - WOO .DesignLazy Sack Lounge Hocker - WOO .Design
Lazy Sack Lounge Hocker Sale price€479,00
Liby Copenhagen Pouf - WOO .DesignLiby Copenhagen Pouf - WOO .Design
Liby Copenhagen Pouf Sale priceFrom €179,00
Polly Hocker - WOO .DesignPolly Hocker - WOO .Design
Polly Hocker Sale price€249,00
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Bubbly Stool - WOO .DesignBubbly Stool - WOO .Design
Bubbly Stool Sale priceFrom €69,00 Regular price€89,00
Cherry Velvet Storage Stool (2/Set)Cherry Velvet Storage Stool (2/Set)
Gigi Curry Brown Teddy Stool - WOO .DesignGigi Curry Brown Teddy Stool - WOO .Design
Rodeo Leather Pouf - WOO .DesignRodeo Leather Pouf - WOO .Design
Rodeo Leather Pouf Sale price€329,00
Marcos Boucle StoolMarcos Boucle Stool
Marcos Boucle Stool Sale price€79,00
Victor Grey Leather StoolVictor Grey Leather Stool
Brick Green StoolBrick Green Stool
Brick Green Stool Sale price€219,00
Drum Circler Black StoolDrum Circler Black Stool
Cherry Brown Leather StoolCherry Brown Leather Stool
Squares Grey StoolSquares Grey Stool
Squares Grey Stool Sale price€219,00
Cherry Stool - WOO .DesignCherry Velvet Stool
Cherry Velvet Stool Sale price€69,00
Cintura Velvet StoolCintura Velvet Stool
Cherry Flower StoolCherry Flower Stool
Cherry Flower Stool Sale price€69,00
Cosmo Grey StoolCosmo Grey Stool
Cosmo Grey Stool Sale price€219,00
Peppo Lounge StoolPeppo Lounge Stool
Peppo Lounge Stool Sale price€539,00
Peppo Lounge Stool - WOO .DesignPeppo Mesh Lounge Stool
Peppo Mesh Lounge Stool Sale price€539,00
Jody Mesch StoolJody Mesch Stool
Jody Mesch Stool Sale price€119,00
Pure White Boucle StoolPure White Boucle Stool
Roma Velvet Storage StoolRoma Velvet Storage Stool
Cherry Smoke Cream Boucle StoolCherry Smoke Cream Boucle Stool
Jenna Velvet StoolJenna Velvet Stool
Jenna Velvet Stool Sale price€359,00
Cherry Cream Black StoolCherry Cream Black Stool
Spike Elegance StoolSpike Elegance Stool
Cherry Cord StoolCherry Cord Stool
Cherry Cord Stool Sale price€79,00
Cherry Creme Cord Storage Stool (2/Set)Cherry Creme Cord Storage Stool (2/Set)
Cherry Lina StoolCherry Lina Stool
Cherry Lina Stool Sale price€89,00
Bellissima Velvet StoolBellissima Velvet Stool
Bellissima Velvet Stool Sale price€549,00
Salamanca Velvet StoolSalamanca Velvet Stool
Salamanca Velvet Stool Sale price€629,00
The Reader Rust Dunes Ottoman - WOO .DesignThe Reader Rust Dunes Ottoman - WOO .Design
The Reader Teddy Ottoman - WOO .DesignThe Reader Teddy Ottoman - WOO .Design
The Reader Teddy Ottoman Sale price€699,00
The Reader Horizons Ottoman - WOO .DesignThe Reader Horizons Ottoman - WOO .Design
The Reader Horizons Ottoman Sale price€649,00
A Conversation Piece Rust Dunes Ottoman - WOO .DesignA Conversation Piece Rust Dunes Ottoman - WOO .Design