We may all have smartphones or a watch that always displays precisely the right time but a stylish wall clock is still a must-have for any home! Explore our selection of clocks and find one that matches your personal style and design in the kitchen, living room or office.


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Bandit Time Clock - WOO .DesignBandit Time Clock - WOO .Design
Bandit Time Clock Sale priceFrom €169,00
Amber ClockAmber Clock
Amber Clock Sale price€89,00
Lori ClockLori Clock
Lori Clock Sale price€139,00
Tachometer Wall ClockTachometer Wall Clock
Charm Wall ClockCharm Wall Clock
Charm Wall Clock Sale price€189,00
Gentleman Deer Table Clock
Clockwork Wall ClockClockwork Wall Clock
Lio Wall ClockLio Wall Clock
Lio Wall Clock Sale price€179,00
Gentleman Dog Table Clock
Gentleman Dog Floor ClockGentleman Dog Floor Clock
Oscar Wall ClockOscar Wall Clock
Oscar Wall Clock Sale price€189,00
Luca Wall ClockLuca Wall Clock
Luca Wall Clock Sale price€269,00
Levi Wall ClockLevi Wall Clock
Levi Wall Clock Sale price€189,00
Gear Wall ClockGear Wall Clock
Gear Wall Clock Sale price€399,00
Propeller Wall ClockPropeller Wall Clock
Fan Blade Wall ClockFan Blade Wall Clock
Pendulum Time Clock - WOO .DesignPendulum Time Clock - WOO .Design
Pendulum Time Clock Sale price€59,00
Pendulum Terrazzo White Time Clock - WOO .DesignPendulum Terrazzo White Time Clock - WOO .Design
Cork Time Clock - WOO .DesignCork Time Clock - WOO .Design
Cork Time Clock Sale price€59,00
Concrete Time Clock - WOO .DesignConcrete Time Clock - WOO .Design
Concrete Time Clock Sale priceFrom €79,00
Save €20,00
Marble White Time Clock - WOO .DesignMarble White Time Clock - WOO .Design
Marble White Time Clock Sale price€68,99 Regular price€88,99
Minimal Clock - WOO .DesignMinimal Clock - WOO .Design
Minimal Clock Sale price€59,00
Thrissur Antique Metallic Clock - WOO .DesignThrissur Antique Metallic Clock - WOO .Design
Save €10,00
Couture Wall Clock - WOO .DesignCouture Wall Clock - WOO .Design
Couture Wall Clock Sale price€89,00 Regular price€99,00
Sundial Clock - WOO .DesignSundial Clock - WOO .Design
Sundial Clock Sale priceFrom €99,00