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House Doctor inspires you to create an elegant home by designing décor that allows your unique and personal style to stand out. With aesthetics rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, our range of décor, accessories and furniture make it easy for you to create a stylish business.


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Montre Natural Wall CabinetMontre Natural Wall Cabinet
Maga Nature ShelfMaga Nature Shelf
Maga Nature Shelf Sale price€139,00
Gaya Brown Dining TableGaya Brown Dining Table
Rota Antique Brass Coffee TableRota Antique Brass Coffee Table
Rika Natural Eucalyptus Wood StoolRika Natural Eucalyptus Wood Stool
Pejo Black Antique Horizontal MirrorPejo Black Antique Horizontal Mirror
Dive Natural LanternDive Natural Lantern
Dive Natural Lantern Sale priceFrom €119,00
Pavi Blue PlanterPavi Blue Planter
Suco Grey Planter (2/Set)Suco Grey Planter (2/Set)
Yra Brass Coat RackYra Brass Coat Rack
Ramla Seagrassi Storage (2/Set)Ramla Seagrassi Storage (2/Set)
Sate Nature Coat RackSate Nature Coat Rack
Distra Seagrassi Storage Baskets (2/Set)Distra Seagrassi Storage Baskets (2/Set)
Dungi Multi Storage Baskets (3/Set)Dungi Multi Storage Baskets (3/Set)
Loko Beige Travertine ClockLoko Beige Travertine Clock
Show Brown Brass ClockShow Brown Brass Clock
Cord Pendant LampCord Pendant Lamp
Cord Pendant Lamp Sale price€139,00
Pejo Black Antique Vertical MirrorPejo Black Antique Vertical Mirror
Wine Brown Coffee TableWine Brown Coffee Table
Shaker Black Dining TableShaker Black Dining Table
Use Shelving UnitUse Shelving Unit
Use Shelving Unit Sale priceFrom €219,00
Mono Black Shelving UnitMono Black Shelving Unit
Mono Black Console TableMono Black Console Table
Grade Coffee TableGrade Coffee Table
Grade Coffee Table Sale priceFrom €179,00
Fula Beige Coffee TableFula Beige Coffee Table
Stak Clear Side TableStak Clear Side Table
Meta Antique Brass Side TableMeta Antique Brass Side Table
Save €50,00
Walls Mirror - WOO .DesignWalls Mirror - WOO .Design
Walls Grey Mirror Ø110 Sale price€198,99 Regular price€248,99
File Grey Planter (2/Set)File Grey Planter (2/Set)
Ardo Nature Planter (2/Set)Ardo Nature Planter (2/Set)
Brave Grey Planter (2/Set)Brave Grey Planter (2/Set)
Pile Planter (2/Set)Pile Planter (2/Set)
Pile Planter (2/Set) Sale price€189,00
Tone Black Art Piece - WOO .DesignTone Black Art Piece - WOO .Design
Verse Black Lantern (2/Set) - WOO .DesignVerse Black Lantern (2/Set) - WOO .Design
Close Green Vase - WOO .DesignClose Green Vase - WOO .Design
Close Green Vase Sale price€129,00
Artie Grey Candle Holder - WOO .DesignArtie Grey Candle Holder - WOO .Design
Artie Grey Candle Holder Sale priceFrom €89,00