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Zuiver [adjective] means ‘Pure’ in Dutch. ‘Zuiver’ to us means clean, pure and true designs for everyone, but not just anyone. Born in 2011 and rooted in Westzaan - a little village northwest of Amsterdam, The Netherlands - we believe that creativity makes the world more comfortable. Creativity can take the world to places we never imagined, but the most important place of all will always be home. Creating a safe haven, where you can calm down and be yourself. To make your own space as comforting as can be and evoke a sense of home. With our contemporary range of furniture, lighting and accessories we bring forward-looking materials, ideas and designs into any home. Tomorrow’s designs for today’s interiors.


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Halo Wall ArtHalo Wall Art
Halo Wall Art Sale price€449,00
Galaxy Wall ArtGalaxy Wall Art
Galaxy Wall Art Sale price€339,00
Twin Beige 2 Doors SideboardTwin Beige 2 Doors Sideboard
Twin Beige Bedside TableTwin Beige Bedside Table
Twin Beige Bedside Table Sale price€389,00
Morning Grey Bedside TableMorning Grey Bedside Table
Morning Grey DresserMorning Grey Dresser
Morning Grey Dresser Sale price€1.119,00
Morning Grey 2 Doors SideboardMorning Grey 2 Doors Sideboard
Twist Oval Extendable Dining TableTwist Oval Extendable Dining Table
Twist Oval Extendable Dining Table Sale priceFrom €1.269,00
Twist Round Extendable Dining TableTwist Round Extendable Dining Table
Twist Round Extendable Dining Table Sale priceFrom €1.119,00
Disc Mango Wood StoolDisc Mango Wood Stool
Disc Mango Wood Stool Sale price€299,00
Pride Marble Side TablePride Marble Side Table
Pride Marble Side Table Sale price€179,00
Chunk Ash Wood Side TableChunk Ash Wood Side Table
Fairy Pendant LampFairy Pendant Lamp
Fairy Pendant Lamp Sale price€229,00
Cole Pendant LampCole Pendant Lamp
Cole Pendant Lamp Sale price€279,00
Cole Travertin Table LampCole Travertin Table Lamp
Looks MirrorLooks Mirror
Looks Mirror Sale priceFrom €139,00
Noble Square Side TableNoble Square Side Table
Noble Square Side Table Sale price€479,00
Noble Oval Side TableNoble Oval Side Table
Noble Oval Side Table Sale price€519,00
Noble Round Coffee TableNoble Round Coffee Table
Noble Round Coffee Table Sale price€769,00
Noble Oval Coffee TableNoble Oval Coffee Table
Noble Oval Coffee Table Sale price€819,00
Pole Oak Wood ChairPole Oak Wood Chair
Pole Oak Wood Chair Sale price€289,00
Cozy Chair (2/Set)Cozy Chair (2/Set)
Cozy Chair (2/Set) Sale price€489,00
Hills Wool CarpetHills Wool Carpet
Hills Wool Carpet Sale priceFrom €479,00
Heaven Wool CarpetHeaven Wool Carpet
Heaven Wool Carpet Sale priceFrom €329,00
Flexback Boucle Armchair (2/Set)Flexback Boucle Armchair (2/Set)
Totem Table LampTotem Table Lamp
Totem Table Lamp Sale price€139,00
Save €40,00
Moody Table Lamp - WOO .DesignMoody Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Moody Black Table Lamp Sale price€89,00 Regular price€129,00
Save €30,00
White Stone Side Table - WOO .DesignWhite Stone Side Table - WOO .Design
White L Stone Side Table Sale price€189,00 Regular price€219,00
Save €190,00
Doulton Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignDoulton Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Doulton Lounge Chair Sale price€449,00 Regular price€639,00
Move Wall Art - WOO .DesignMove Wall Art - WOO .Design
Move Wall Art Sale price€299,00
Shallow Wall Art - WOO .DesignShallow Wall Art - WOO .Design
Shallow Wall Art Sale price€399,00
Coastal Wall Art - WOO .DesignCoastal Wall Art - WOO .Design
Coastal Wall Art Sale price€399,00
Cones Stool - WOO .DesignCones Stool - WOO .Design
Cones Stool Sale price€249,00
Curves Stool - WOO .DesignCurves Stool - WOO .Design
Curves Stool Sale price€249,00
Save €140,00
Jort Counter Stool-green - WOO .DesignJort Counter Stool-green - WOO .Design
Jort Counter Stool-green Sale price€299,00 Regular price€439,00
Hazy Tall Smoke Bulb - WOO .DesignHazy Tall Smoke Bulb - WOO .Design
Hazy Tall Smoke Bulb Sale price€29,00