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Zuiver [adjective] means ‘Pure’ in Dutch. ‘Zuiver’ to us means clean, pure and true designs for everyone, but not just anyone. Born in 2011 and rooted in Westzaan - a little village northwest of Amsterdam, The Netherlands - we believe that creativity makes the world more comfortable. Creativity can take the world to places we never imagined, but the most important place of all will always be home. Creating a safe haven, where you can calm down and be yourself. To make your own space as comforting as can be and evoke a sense of home. With our contemporary range of furniture, lighting and accessories we bring forward-looking materials, ideas and designs into any home. Tomorrow’s designs for today’s interiors.


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Kobe Coffee Table - WOO .DesignKobe Coffee Table - WOO .Design
Kobe Coffee Table Sale price€499,00
Alba Chair - WOO .DesignAlba Chair - WOO .Design
Alba Chair (2/Set) Sale price€719,00
Spark Carpet - WOO .DesignSpark Carpet - WOO .Design
Spark Carpet Sale price€719,00
Save €240,00
OMG LL Chair-grey (2/Set) - WOO .DesignOMG LL Chair-grey (2/Set) - WOO .Design
OMG LL Chair-grey (2/Set) Sale price€299,00 Regular price€539,00
Save €130,00
OMG Velvet Chair-old pink - WOO .DesignOMG Velvet Chair-old pink - WOO .Design
OMG Velvet Chair-old pink Sale price€119,00 Regular price€249,00
Save €130,00
OMG Velvet Chair-grey - WOO .DesignOMG Velvet Chair-grey - WOO .Design
OMG Velvet Chair-grey Sale price€119,00 Regular price€249,00
Save €120,00
Albert Kuip Chair-white - WOO .DesignAlbert Kuip Chair-white - WOO .Design
Albert Kuip Chair-white Sale price€99,00 Regular price€219,00
Save €170,00
Albert Kuip Soft Chair-blue (2/set) - WOO .DesignAlbert Kuip Soft Chair-blue (2/set) - WOO .Design
Albert Kuip Soft Chair-blue (2/set) Sale price€349,00 Regular price€519,00
Eden Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignEden Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Eden Lounge Chair Sale price€1.259,00
Save €140,00
Mia Armchair-grey - WOO .DesignMia Armchair-grey - WOO .Design
Mia Armchair-grey Sale price€249,00 Regular price€389,00
Save €140,00
Jort Counter Stool-grey - WOO .DesignJort Counter Stool-grey - WOO .Design
Jort Counter Stool-grey Sale price€299,00 Regular price€439,00
Olympic Carpet - WOO .DesignOlympic Carpet - WOO .Design
Olympic Carpet Sale priceFrom €159,00
Spider Pendant Lamp - WOO .DesignSpider Pendant Lamp - WOO .Design
Spider Pendant Lamp Sale price€359,00
Balance Pendant Lamp - WOO .DesignBalance Pendant Lamp - WOO .Design
Balance Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom €139,00
Smarty Table Lamp - WOO .DesignSmarty Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Smarty Table Lamp Sale price€89,00
Stellar Led Table Lamp - WOO .DesignStellar Led Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Stellar Led Table Lamp Sale price€89,00
Lub Desk Lamp - WOO .DesignLub Desk Lamp - WOO .Design
Lub Desk Lamp Sale price€199,00
Good Plastic Table Desk - WOO .DesignGood Plastic Table Desk - WOO .Design
Good Plastic Table Desk Sale price€879,00
Bonnet Chair - WOO .DesignBonnet Chair - WOO .Design
Bonnet Chair (2/Set) Sale price€319,00
Lori Clock - WOO .DesignLori Clock - WOO .Design
Lori Clock Sale price€139,00
Clip Chair - WOO .DesignClip Chair - WOO .Design
Clip Chair (2/Set) Sale price€599,00
Doulton Vintage Brown Swivel Armchair - WOO .DesignDoulton Vintage Brown Swivel Armchair - WOO .Design
Doulton Swivel Armchair - WOO .DesignDoulton Swivel Armchair - WOO .Design
Conic Vase - WOO .DesignConic Vase - WOO .Design
Conic Vase Sale priceFrom €59,00
Conic Planter - WOO .DesignConic Planter - WOO .Design
Conic Planter Sale price€89,00
Graphic Square Vase - WOO .DesignGraphic Square Vase - WOO .Design
Graphic Square Vase Sale price€59,00
Graphic Flat Vase - WOO .DesignGraphic Flat Vase - WOO .Design
Graphic Flat Vase Sale price€59,00
Harvest Table - WOO .DesignHarvest Table - WOO .Design
Harvest Table Sale priceFrom €1.649,00
Waves Carpet - WOO .DesignWaves Carpet - WOO .Design
Waves Carpet Sale priceFrom €479,00
River Cabinet - WOO .DesignRiver Cabinet - WOO .Design
River Cabinet Sale priceFrom €279,00
Blossom 4.5 Seater Sofa - WOO .DesignBlossom 4.5 Seater Sofa - WOO .Design
Blossom 4.5 Seater Sofa Sale price€4.049,00
Blossom 3 Seater Sofa - WOO .DesignBlossom 3 Seater Sofa - WOO .Design
Blossom 3 Seater Sofa Sale price€2.859,00
Spike All Webbing Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignSpike All Webbing Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Spike Side Table - WOO .DesignSpike Side Table - WOO .Design
Spike Side Table Sale price€159,00
Spike Coffee Table - WOO .DesignSpike Coffee Table - WOO .Design
Spike Coffee Table Sale price€219,00
Shore Carpet - WOO .DesignShore Carpet - WOO .Design
Shore Carpet Sale priceFrom €359,00