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Hanging Chairs

Do you feel like hanging in a designer piece? What better way to spend a warm summer day outside than swinging in a hanging chair while enjoying a refreshing drink or reading a good book? You'll love our hanging chairs, the perfect chill-out addition for your interior or exterior. The ultimate relaxing experience.


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Lamia Hammock Chair - WOO .DesignLamia Hammock Chair - WOO .Design
Lamia Hammock - WOO .DesignLamia Hammock - WOO .Design
Lamia Hammock Sale price€59,00
Tripoli Hammock - WOO .DesignTripoli Hammock - WOO .Design
Tripoli Hammock Sale price€349,00
Hammock Outdoor Frame - WOO .DesignHammock Outdoor Frame - WOO .Design
Hammock Outdoor Frame Sale price€1.599,00
Double Outdoor Hammock - WOO .DesignDouble Outdoor Hammock - WOO .Design
Double Outdoor Hammock Sale price€1.549,00
Cocoon Hanging Chair Stand - WOO .DesignCocoon Hanging Chair Stand - WOO .Design
Cocoon Hanging Chair Stand Sale price€1.419,00
Cocoon Outdoor Hanging Chair - WOO .DesignCocoon Outdoor Hanging Chair - WOO .Design
Cocoon Outdoor Hanging Chair Sale price€1.619,00