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Seashell Chair - WOO .DesignSeashell Chair - WOO .Design
Seashell Chair Sale price€129,00 Regular price€149,00
Save €240,00
Tipi Pine Wood Bed - WOO .DesignTipi Pine Wood Bed - WOO .Design
Tipi White Pine Wood Bed with Drawer Sale price€539,00 Regular price€779,00
Save €100,00
La Gomera Cabinet - WOO .DesignLa Gomera Cabinet - WOO .Design
La Gomera Black Metal/Glass 2 Doors 3 Drawers Cabinet Sale price€1.249,00 Regular price€1.349,00
Save €30,00
Lynn Fletcher Chair - WOO .DesignLynn Fletcher Chair - WOO .Design
Lynn Fletcher Chair-Grey Sale price€119,00 Regular price€149,00
Save €50,00
Luka Corner Desk - WOO .DesignLuka Corner Desk - WOO .Design
Luka Chalk White Ashwood Legs Left Corner Desk Sale price€299,00 Regular price€349,00
Save €50,00
Ashme Console Table - WOO .DesignAshme Console Table - WOO .Design
Ashme White 105 cm Console Table Sale price€199,00 Regular price€249,00
Save €110,00
Dennis Brushed Pine Wood Desk - WOO .DesignDennis Brushed Pine Wood Desk - WOO .Design
Dennis Brushed Pine Wood Desk Sale price€249,00 Regular price€359,00
Save €80,00
Skip Chair (2/Set) - WOO .DesignSkip Chair (2/Set) - WOO .Design
Skip Beige Chair (2/Set) Sale price€249,00 Regular price€329,00
Save €20,00
Comfort Kit for Wire Barstools - WOO .DesignComfort Kit for Wire Barstools - WOO .Design
Comfort Kit for Wire Barstools Sale price€19,00 Regular price€39,00
Save €70,00
Mochi Pouf - WOO .DesignMochi Pouf - WOO .Design
Mochi Black Pouf Sale price€148,99 Regular price€218,99
Save €40,00
Moody Table Lamp - WOO .DesignMoody Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Moody Black Table Lamp Sale price€89,00 Regular price€129,00
Save €100,00
Brooklyn Sheesham Wood Sideboard - WOO .DesignBrooklyn Sheesham Wood Sideboard - WOO .Design
Brooklyn Walnut Sheesham Wood Sideboard Sale price€1.389,00 Regular price€1.489,00
Save €30,00
White Stone Side Table - WOO .DesignWhite Stone Side Table - WOO .Design
White L Stone Side Table Sale price€189,00 Regular price€219,00
Save €190,00
Tabassum Dining Table - WOO .DesignTabassum Dining Table - WOO .Design
Tabassum Dining Table Sale price€1.299,00 Regular price€1.489,00
Save €80,00
Peter Armchair - WOO .DesignPeter Armchair - WOO .Design
Peter Green Armchair Sale price€639,00 Regular price€719,00
Save €190,00
Doulton Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignDoulton Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Doulton Lounge Chair Sale price€449,00 Regular price€639,00
Save €120,00
Mahal Carpet - WOO .DesignMahal Carpet - WOO .Design
Mahal Carpet Sale price€399,00 Regular price€519,00
Save €40,00
Luca Pendant Lamp - WOO .DesignLuca Pendant Lamp - WOO .Design
Luca Brass Pendant Lamp Sale price€49,00 Regular price€89,00
Save €50,00
Invitation Set Table - WOO .DesignInvitation Set Table - WOO .Design
Invitation White/Brass Set Table Sale price€1.089,00 Regular price€1.139,00
Save €100,00
Brooklyn Sheesham Wood Laptop Desk - WOO .DesignBrooklyn Sheesham Wood Laptop Desk - WOO .Design
Brooklyn Sheesham Natural Wood Laptop Desk Sale price€619,00 Regular price€719,00
Save €20,00
Dali Vase - WOO .DesignDali Vase - WOO .Design
Dali Small Vase Sale price€69,00 Regular price€89,00
Save €150,00
Modulair Upper Cabinet 40 cm - WOO .DesignModulair Upper Cabinet 40 cm - WOO .Design
Modulair Upper Cabinet 40 cm Sale price€299,00 Regular price€449,00
Save €70,00
Modulair Base Cabinet 40 cm - WOO .DesignModulair Base Cabinet 40 cm - WOO .Design
Modulair Base Cabinet 40 cm Sale price€99,00 Regular price€169,00
Save €30,00
Curve Rectangular Wall Mirror - WOO .DesignCurve Rectangular Wall Mirror - WOO .Design
Curve Rectangular Wall Mirror Sale price€319,00 Regular price€349,00
Save €140,00
Jort Counter Stool-green - WOO .DesignJort Counter Stool-green - WOO .Design
Jort Counter Stool-green Sale price€299,00 Regular price€439,00
Save €150,00
New Gravure Wooden Sideboard - WOO .DesignNew Gravure Wooden Sideboard - WOO .Design
Gravure Brown Ash Wood Sideboard Sale price€648,99 Regular price€798,99
Save €60,00
Ace Counter Stool-brown - WOO .DesignAce Counter Stool - WOO .Design
Ace Counter Stool-brown Sale price€199,00 Regular price€259,00
Save €20,00
Monaco Schoko Barstool - WOO .DesignMonaco Schoko Barstool (2/Set) - WOO .Design
Monaco Schoko Barstool Sale price€219,00 Regular price€239,00
Save €30,00
Crockett Counter Stool (2/Set) - WOO .DesignCrockett Counter Stool - WOO .Design
Crockett Counter Stool Sale price€149,00 Regular price€179,00
Save €30,00
Walls Oval Mirror - WOO .DesignWalls Oval Mirror - WOO .Design
Walls Mini Oval Mirror Sale price€119,00 Regular price€149,00
Save €40,00
Westlake Chair - WOO .DesignWestlake Chair - WOO .Design
Westlake Chair Sale price€279,00 Regular price€319,00
Save €440,00
Modena Mango Wood Sideboard - WOO .DesignModena Mango Wood Sideboard - WOO .Design
Modena Natural Mango Wood Sideboard Sale price€1.499,00 Regular price€1.939,00
On sale
Walls Mini Mirror - WOO .DesignWalls Mini Mirror - WOO .Design
Walls Mini Mirror Sale priceFrom €49,00 Regular price€59,00
Save €110,00
Brit Counter Stool-dark grey - WOO .DesignBrit Counter Stool-dark grey - WOO .Design
Brit Counter Stool-dark grey Sale price€269,00 Regular price€379,00
Save €100,00
OMG Velvet Chair-old pink - WOO .DesignOMG Velvet Chair-old pink - WOO .Design
OMG Velvet Chair-old pink Sale price€149,00 Regular price€249,00
Save €100,00
OMG Velvet Chair-grey - WOO .DesignOMG Velvet Chair-grey - WOO .Design
OMG Velvet Chair-grey Sale price€149,00 Regular price€249,00