Sculptures & Figurines

Sculptures & Figurines

Take a hint from interior stylists and use decorative accessories to create a unique look at home. Set up a charming scene with a whimsical figurine. Perfect gifts for loved ones... or yourself, make a home unique with these luxury homewares.


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Watching Gorilla Deco FigurineWatching Gorilla Deco Figurine
Splash Bulldog Deco FigurineSplash Bulldog Deco Figurine
Sitting Rabbit Rainbow 80 Deco FigurineSitting Rabbit Rainbow 80 Deco Figurine
Eternity CalendarEternity Calendar
Sensual Face Deco ObjectSensual Face Deco Object
Face Orange Deco ObjectFace Orange Deco Object
Balancing Deco ObjectBalancing Deco Object
Delier Brown DecoDelier Brown Deco
Delier Brown Deco Sale price€119,00
Alia Black Paper Mache DecoAlia Black Paper Mache Deco
Victory Tattoo Eye Deco HandVictory Tattoo Eye Deco Hand
Busto Kissing Girl Deco ObjectBusto Kissing Girl Deco Object
Nude Sad Angel Deco ObjectNude Sad Angel Deco Object
Abstract Face Multicolour Deco ObjectAbstract Face Multicolour Deco Object
Ball Hand Deco ObjectBall Hand Deco Object
Betta Gold Fish Deco ObjectBetta Gold Fish Deco Object
Quiet Face Deco ObjectQuiet Face Deco Object
Dancing Betta Fish Deco ObjectDancing Betta Fish Deco Object
Animal Journey Deco ObjectAnimal Journey Deco Object
King Skull Goldie Deco ObjectKing Skull Goldie Deco Object
King Skull Deco ObjectKing Skull Deco Object
Chicken Evolution Deco ObjectChicken Evolution Deco Object
Evolution Deco FigurineEvolution Deco Figurine
Abstract Love Deco FigurineAbstract Love Deco Figurine
Lion on Marble Deco FigurineLion on Marble Deco Figurine
Comic Dog Maddox Deco FigurineComic Dog Maddox Deco Figurine
Elephant Hathi Deco FigurineElephant Hathi Deco Figurine
Classic Beauty Deco FigurineClassic Beauty Deco Figurine
Cuddle Bear Family Deco FigurineCuddle Bear Family Deco Figurine
Toro Deco FigurineToro Deco Figurine
Antelope Head Pearls Deco ObjectAntelope Head Pearls Deco Object
Elephant Head Pearls Deco ObjectElephant Head Pearls Deco Object
Walking Elephant Pearls Deco FigurineWalking Elephant Pearls Deco Figurine
Whale Base Deco FigurineWhale Base Deco Figurine
Shark Base Deco FigurineShark Base Deco Figurine
Art Man Deco FigurineArt Man Deco Figurine
Elephant Hug Deco FigurineElephant Hug Deco Figurine