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One armchair can transform an unused corner into a reading nook or a spot for recharging, and two armchairs create a space for relaxed conversations. Our range includes many types of armchairs with different styles, comfort levels, colours and materials – try them all and find your favourite.


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Charlotte Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignCharlotte Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Charlotte Lounge Chair Sale price€479,00
Orion Yellow Velvet Swivel Armchair - WOO .DesignOrion Yellow Velvet Swivel Armchair - WOO .Design
Louis Spark Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignLouis Spark Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Louis Spark Lounge Chair Sale price€839,00
Lazy Sack Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignLazy Sack Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Lazy Sack Lounge Chair Sale price€989,00
Noona Curry Diamond Stitiching Armchair - WOO .DesignNoona Curry Diamond Stitiching Armchair - WOO .Design
Eden Lounge Chair - WOO .DesignEden Lounge Chair - WOO .Design
Eden Lounge Chair Sale price€1.149,00
Danica Armchair - WOO .DesignDanica Armchair - WOO .Design
Danica Armchair Sale price€389,00
Lex Vintage Leather Armchair - WOO .DesignLex Vintage Leather Armchair - WOO .Design
Lex Vintage Leather Armchair Sale price€1.099,00
Sandwich Velvet Cocktail Armchair - WOO .DesignSandwich Velvet Cocktail Armchair - WOO .Design
Focus Yellow Cocktail Chair - WOO .DesignFocus Yellow Cocktail Chair - WOO .Design
Lido Brown Swivel Armchair - WOO .DesignLido Brown Swivel Armchair - WOO .Design
Lazy Retro Outdoor Lounge ChairLazy Retro Outdoor Lounge Chair
Lazy Lobby Lounge ChairLazy Lobby Lounge Chair
Lazy Lobby Lounge Chair Sale price€1.849,00
Lazy Espresso Royal Velvet Lounge ChairLazy Espresso Royal Velvet Lounge Chair
Lazy Lounge ChairLazy Lounge Chair
Lazy Lounge Chair Sale price€1.799,00
Buck Grey Fluffy ArmchairBuck Grey Fluffy Armchair
Peony Fuzzy Brown Swivel ArmchairPeony Fuzzy Brown Swivel Armchair
Sascha White ArmchairSascha White Armchair
Cuby Garden ArmchairCuby Garden Armchair
Cuby Garden Armchair Sale price€579,00
Cuby ArmchairCuby Armchair
Cuby Armchair Sale price€549,00
Toronto Swivel ArmchairToronto Swivel Armchair
Figero Beige ArmchairFigero Beige Armchair
Angels Wings Brown Eco Black ArmchairAngels Wings Brown Eco Black Armchair
Victor Brown Swivel ArmchairVictor Brown Swivel Armchair
Eye Ball Brass Swivel ArmchairEye Ball Brass Swivel Armchair
Napa Brown Leather Swivel ArmchairNapa Brown Leather Swivel Armchair
Night Fever Fuchsia Velvet Swivel ArmchairNight Fever Fuchsia Velvet Swivel Armchair
Tudor Cream Boucle ArmchairTudor Cream Boucle Armchair
Tudor Velvet ArmchairTudor Velvet Armchair
Tudor Velvet Armchair Sale price€579,00
Vicky Wing Armchair - WOO .DesignVicky Wing Armchair - WOO .Design
Vicky Armchair Sale price€399,00
Vicky Beige Novara ArmchairVicky Beige Novara Armchair
Vicky Velvet Black ArmchairVicky Velvet Black Armchair
Vicky Velvet Black Armchair Sale price€399,00
Water Lily Black Velvet Chrome ArmchairWater Lily Black Velvet Chrome Armchair
Water Lily Beige Velvet Black ArmchairWater Lily Beige Velvet Black Armchair
Water Lily Velvet Gold ArmchairWater Lily Velvet Armchair - WOO .Design
Oslo Velvet Rocking ChairOslo Beige Velvet Rocking Chair - WOO .Design
Oslo Velvet Rocking Chair Sale priceFrom €859,00