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An easy-going basic must-have collection, that forms the foundation of every interior. Products which follow trends in design, colour and material. Matching today’s lifestyle and needs. Commercial designs will be a favourite of many. The collection is always in stock, friendly priced and web sales proof.


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260 products

Ringar Side Table - WOO .DesignRingar Side Table - WOO .Design
Ringar Side Table Sale priceFrom €129,00
Sverre Round Side Table - WOO .DesignSverre Round Side Table - WOO .Design
Sverre Round Side Table Sale price€199,00
Vander Counter Stool - WOO .DesignVander Counter Stool - WOO .Design
Vander Counter Stool Sale price€159,00
Makoto Side Table - WOO .DesignMakoto Side Table - WOO .Design
Makoto Side Table Sale price€149,00
Lionel Counter Stool - WOO .DesignLionel Counter Stool - WOO .Design
Lionel Counter Stool Sale price€219,00
Milou Bench - WOO .DesignMilou Bench - WOO .Design
Milou Bench Sale price€219,00
Matz Medium Oval Mirror - WOO .DesignMatz Medium Oval Mirror - WOO .Design
Matz Medium Oval Mirror Sale price€129,00
Polly Hocker - WOO .DesignPolly Hocker - WOO .Design
Polly Hocker Sale price€249,00
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Bubbly Stool - WOO .DesignBubbly Stool - WOO .Design
Bubbly Stool Sale priceFrom €69,00 Regular price€89,00
Jake Worn Chair - WOO .DesignJake Worn Chair - WOO .Design
Jake Worn Chair Sale price€159,00
Noah Side Table - WOO .DesignNoah Side Table - WOO .Design
Noah Side Table Sale price€169,00
Suri Side Table (3/Set) - WOO .DesignSuri Side Table (3/Set) - WOO .Design
Fabio Side Table - WOO .DesignFabio Side Table - WOO .Design
Fabio Side Table Sale price€129,00
Darwin Coat Rack - WOO .DesignDarwin Coat Rack - WOO .Design
Darwin Coat Rack Sale priceFrom €89,00
Lignes Beige CarpetLignes Beige Carpet
Herbe Green Metal Small CabinetHerbe Green Metal Small Cabinet
Herbe Green Metal Low CabinetHerbe Green Metal Low Cabinet
Herbe Green Metal High CabinetHerbe Green Metal High Cabinet
Yumi Wall LampYumi Wall Lamp
Yumi Table LampYumi Table Lamp
Yumi Pendant LampYumi Pendant Lamp
Yuri Side TableYuri Side Table
Yuri Side Table Sale priceFrom €79,00
Raku TableRaku Table
Raku Table Sale price€399,00
Lina Black Metal MirrorLina Black Metal Mirror
Mila Black Metal MirrorMila Black Metal Mirror
Juna Black Metal MirrorJuna Black Metal Mirror
Pion Brown Coffee Table (2/Set)Pion Brown Coffee Table (2/Set)
Marcio Black TableMarcio Black Table
Marcio Metal Shelf CabinetMarcio Metal Shelf Cabinet
Marcio Metal Shelf Cabinet Sale price€449,00
Gualdo Brown Coffee TableGualdo Brown Coffee Table
Cuties Coffee Table (3/Set)Cuties Coffee Table (3/Set)
Charly Grey Chair (2/Set)Charly Grey Chair (2/Set)
Hadid Chair (2/Set)Hadid Chair (2/Set)
Hadid Chair (2/Set) Sale price€319,00
Marcos Boucle StoolMarcos Boucle Stool
Marcos Boucle Stool Sale price€79,00
Marcos Boucle BenchMarcos Boucle Bench
Marcos Boucle Bench Sale price€159,00
Alana Chair (2/Set)Alana Chair (2/Set)
Alana Chair (2/Set) Sale price€279,00