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By-Boo is not just a super cool, very Dutch, interior brand from 2013. By-Boo is different. Distinctive. Stubborn. Surprising. By-Boo doesn’t define itself to one style. Yes, we respond to current housing trends (and fast as well), but always give just a different twist to it. We dare to choose with a conviction for remarkable living styles and cool living items, which are about feeling, pure guts and inspiration. With our special and attractive home accessories make your interior complete. In other words, By-Boo, Makes a Home!


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Slider Side Table - WOO .DesignSlider Side Table - WOO .Design
Slider Side Table Sale price€189,00
Daily Magazine Holder - WOO .DesignDaily Magazine Holder - WOO .Design
Daily Magazine Holder Sale price€179,00
Unbeleafable Floor Lamp - WOO .DesignUnbeleafable Floor Lamp - WOO .Design
Unbeleafable Floor Lamp Sale price€269,00
Sana Large Pendant Lamp - WOO .DesignSana Large Pendant Lamp - WOO .Design
Sana Large Pendant Lamp Sale price€139,00
Yoko Off White Wall Deco - WOO .DesignYoko Off White Wall Deco - WOO .Design
Yoko Off White Wall Deco Sale priceFrom €119,00
Yoko Black Wall Deco - WOO .DesignYoko Black Wall Deco
Yoko Black Wall Deco Sale priceFrom €119,00
Kyoto Wall Art - WOO .DesignKyoto Wall Art - WOO .Design
Kyoto Wall Art Sale priceFrom €79,00
On sale
Wick Candle Holder - WOO .DesignWick Candle Holder - WOO .Design
Wick Candle Holder Sale priceFrom €28,99 Regular price€38,99
Save €110,00
Spritzer Barstool - WOO .DesignSpritzer Barstool - WOO .Design
Spritzer Barstool Sale price€78,99 Regular price€188,99
Crockett Counter Stool (2/Set) - WOO .DesignCrockett Counter Stool
Crockett Counter Stool Sale price€199,00
Kenji Side Table - WOO .DesignKenji Side Table - WOO .Design
Kenji Side Table Sale price€189,00
Kenji Coffee Table - WOO .DesignKenji Coffee Table - WOO .Design
Kenji Coffee Table Sale price€269,00
Setto Coffee Table (2/Set) - WOO .DesignSetto Coffee Table (2/Set)
Gravity Metal Side TableGravity Metal Side Table
Gravity Metal Side Table Sale price€119,00
Otus Metal Side TableOtus Metal Side Table
Otus Metal Side Table Sale price€199,00
Otus Metal Coffee TableOtus Metal Coffee Table
Otus Metal Coffee Table Sale price€329,00
Cobble Wood Side TableCobble Wood Side Table
Cobble Wood Side Table Sale price€229,00
Cobble Wood Coffee TableCobble Wood Coffee Table
Cobble Wood Coffee Table Sale price€549,00
Laban Floor MirrorLaban Floor Mirror
Laban Floor Mirror Sale price€269,00
Hug Lounge ChairHug Lounge Chair
Hug Lounge Chair Sale price€819,00
Balou Lounge ChairBalou Lounge Chair
Balou Lounge Chair Sale price€539,00
Oasis Lounge ChairOasis Lounge Chair
Oasis Lounge Chair Sale price€539,00
Fauteuil Derby Lounge ChairFauteuil Derby Lounge Chair
Fauteuil Derby Lounge Chair Sale price€479,00
Sella Chair (2/Set)Sella Chair (2/Set)
Sella Chair (2/Set) Sale price€349,00
Boy Chair (2/Set)Boy Chair (2/Set)
Boy Chair (2/Set) Sale price€299,00
Skola Chair (2/Set)Skola Chair (2/Set)
Skola Chair (2/Set) Sale price€249,00
Bamba Vase - WOO .DesignBamba Vase - WOO .Design
Bamba Vase Sale price€139,00
Cole Table Lamp - WOO .DesignCole Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Cole Table Lamp Sale price€129,00
Cole Floor Lamp - WOO .DesignCole Floor Lamp - WOO .Design
Cole Floor Lamp Sale price€279,00
Jive Table Lamp - WOO .DesignJive Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Jive Table Lamp Sale price€119,00
Eris Floor Lamp - WOO .DesignEris Floor Lamp - WOO .Design
Eris Floor Lamp Sale price€319,00
Eris Pendant Lamp - WOO .DesignEris Pendant Lamp - WOO .Design
Eris Pendant Lamp Sale price€189,00
Sana Small Pendant Lamp - WOO .DesignSana Small Pendant Lamp - WOO .Design
Sana Small Pendant Lamp Sale price€79,00
Sana Table Lamp - WOO .DesignSana Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Sana Table Lamp Sale price€139,00
Oshu Table Lamp - WOO .DesignOshu Table Lamp - WOO .Design
Oshu Table Lamp Sale price€139,00
Oshu Floor Lamp - WOO .DesignOshu Floor Lamp - WOO .Design
Oshu Floor Lamp Sale price€359,00