Form Wooden Dining Chair (2/Set)

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A beautiful home-grown design brand from the beautiful province of North Holland in the Netherlands. The brand is characterised by simple yet luxurious and sturdy designs. BePureHome's collection consists of beautiful cabinets, chairs, sofas and many more tough home items. In short, with the combination of quality, affordability and character, BePureHome makes your house a home.

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Total Size

L 50 x W 52 x H 77 cm


Plywood, ash veneer, metal

Care Instructions

Treated ash is easy to clean with a slightly damp, clean cloth
Stains on untreated ash wood can be solved with an absorbent, clean cloth
If stains are stubborn, ash wood can easily be re-treated
Sand the wood to 180 grit, then protect the ash wood with oil, wax, varnish or stain of your choice
Untreated ash wood is not suitable for outdoor use

Good to Know

The seat is made of plywood, covered with an ash veneer
The base is made of a steel frame in matt black
Ashwood is a slightly soft wood with a tight, straight grain
The straight grain pattern ensures that ash wood can be bent well, making it very suitable for the furniture industry
Treated ash wood is strong and hardwearing, but untreated ash wood can show a lot of movement and quickly yellow
Sanded ash gives a neat, smooth look
Brushed ash has more character and band-sawn ash has a very robust and rough look
To protect hard floors, place felt gliders under the legs

Other Dimensions

Seat height: 45.5 cm
Seat width: 40 cm
Seat depth: 43 cm