Glow Flame Ember Fibre

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GLOW FLAME is an innovative material that applies as lining both in standard bio fireplaces powered by biofuel and in inserts powered by natural gas or a mixture of propane-butane gas.


Unforgettable Visual Effects and Comfortable Usage

GLOW FLAME is a sensational supplement providing an amazing esthetic experience. Even a small amount added to the fireplace can cause the equipment to look more attractive. This product was designed to obtain special visual effects. Putting the GLOW FLAME directly in the fire causes its bright intensive shinning.

Safety at the Highest Level

This material is absolutely safe and ecological because it doesn’t contain any substances that have a negative influence on the environment. GLOW FLAME is extremely heat resistant and can be used even for 300 hours. The single package includes 1 gramme of the final material as fibres cut to the appropriate length with a thickness smaller than the diameter of human hair.

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