TRIMM Copenhagen

TRIMM Copenhagen

Trimm Copenhagen wants to challenge the way people interact and spend time together. With our lounge furniture, we create an informal atmosphere – inside and out.
Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between people and form a higher quality of life. Produced in the EU.


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Terrazzo TrayTerrazzo Tray
Terrazzo Tray Sale price€319,00
Trimm Copenhagen BlanketTrimm Copenhagen Blanket
Trimm Copenhagen Blanket Sale price€219,00
Dog Noah CushionDog Noah Cushion
Dog Noah Cushion Sale priceFrom €249,00
Rectangular Noah CushionRectangular Noah Cushion
Rectangular Noah Cushion Sale priceFrom €139,00
Square Noah CushionSquare Noah Cushion
Square Noah Cushion Sale price€119,00
Tube Noah CushionTube Noah Cushion
Tube Noah Cushion Sale price€189,00
Square Leather CushionSquare Leather Cushion
Square Leather Cushion Sale price€129,00
Rectangular Leather Small CushionRectangular Leather Small Cushion
Rectangular Outdoor CushionRectangular Outdoor Cushion
Rectangular Outdoor Cushion Sale priceFrom €119,00
Square Outdoor CushionSquare Outdoor Cushion
Square Outdoor Cushion Sale price€99,00
Tube Outdoor CushionTube Outdoor Cushion
Tube Outdoor Cushion Sale price€119,00
Brick Outdoor Module Sofa PoufBrick Outdoor Module Sofa Pouf
Brick Outdoor Module Sofa Pouf Sale price€1.299,00
Brick Outdoor Module Space SofaBrick Outdoor Module Space Sofa
Brick Outdoor Module Space Sofa Sale price€1.819,00
Brick Outdoor Module Corner SofaBrick Outdoor Module Corner Sofa
Brick Outdoor Module Corner Sofa Sale price€2.119,00
Brick I Outdoor 3 Seater SofaBrick I Outdoor 3 Seater Sofa
Brick I Outdoor 3 Seater Sofa Sale price€5.169,00
Brick Outdoor 4 Seater SofaBrick Outdoor 4 Seater Sofa
Brick Outdoor 4 Seater Sofa Sale price€5.989,00
Brick Outdoor 3 Seater SofaBrick Outdoor 3 Seater Sofa
Brick Outdoor 3 Seater Sofa Sale price€4.179,00
Brick Outdoor 2 Seater SofaBrick Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa
Brick Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa Sale price€3.629,00
Brick Outdoor 5 Seater SofaBrick Outdoor 5 Seater Sofa
Brick Outdoor 5 Seater Sofa Sale price€7.979,00
Hammock Outdoor FrameHammock Outdoor Frame
Hammock Outdoor Frame Sale price€1.599,00
Double Outdoor HammockDouble Outdoor Hammock
Double Outdoor Hammock Sale price€1.549,00
Cocoon Hanging Chair StandCocoon Hanging Chair Stand
Cocoon Hanging Chair Stand Sale price€1.419,00
Terrazzo Outdoor TableTerrazzo Outdoor Table
Terrazzo Outdoor Table Sale priceFrom €599,00
Half Moon Outdoor SunbedHalf Moon Outdoor Sunbed
Half Moon Outdoor Sunbed Sale price€1.699,00
Folding Outdoor MattressFolding Outdoor Mattress
Folding Outdoor Mattress Sale price€449,00
Connect Outdoor MattressConnect Outdoor Mattress
Connect Outdoor Mattress Sale priceFrom €299,00
Cocoon Outdoor Hanging ChairCocoon Outdoor Hanging Chair
Cocoon Outdoor Hanging Chair Sale price€1.619,00
Satellite Outdoor StoolSatellite Outdoor Stool
Satellite Outdoor Stool Sale priceFrom €259,00
Felix Outdoor CushionFelix Outdoor Cushion
Felix Outdoor Cushion Sale price€259,00
Felix Outdoor LoungerFelix Outdoor Lounger
Felix Outdoor Lounger Sale price€619,00
Full Moon Outdoor TableFull Moon Outdoor Table
Full Moon Outdoor Table Sale price€1.099,00
Tiny Moon Outdoor TableTiny Moon Outdoor Table
Tiny Moon Outdoor Table Sale price€559,00
Full Moon Outdoor PoufFull Moon Outdoor Pouf
Full Moon Outdoor Pouf Sale price€1.019,00
Tiny Moon Outdoor PoufTiny Moon Outdoor Pouf
Tiny Moon Outdoor Pouf Sale price€469,00
Oblong Outdoor PoufOblong Outdoor Pouf
Oblong Outdoor Pouf Sale price€599,00
Rocket Outdoor DaybedRocket Outdoor Daybed
Rocket Outdoor Daybed Sale price€1.019,00