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UMAGE is a Danish word meaning ‘making an effort’, and that’s what we want to do every day. UMAGE is where beautiful Danish design meets affordability, high-quality materials and a genuine care for the environment.


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Shade LampshadeShade Lampshade
Shade Lampshade Sale price€59,00
Sine LampshadeSine Lampshade
Sine Lampshade Sale price€139,00
Treasures Leather 2 Doors CabinetTreasures Leather 2 Doors Cabinet
Treasures Leather 3 Doors CabinetTreasures Leather 3 Doors Cabinet
The Reader Leather OttomanThe Reader Leather Ottoman
The Reader Leather Ottoman Sale priceFrom €819,00
The Reader Leather Wing ChairThe Reader Leather Wing Chair
The Reader Leather Wing Chair Sale price€2.299,00
A Conversation Piece Leather Tall Lounge ChairA Conversation Piece Leather Tall Lounge Chair
A Conversation Piece Leather OttomanA Conversation Piece Leather Ottoman
A Conversation Piece Leather Low Lounge ChairA Conversation Piece Leather Low Lounge Chair
Sante Wall LampSante Wall Lamp
Sante Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom €119,00
Duende Oak DeskDuende Oak Desk
Duende Oak Desk Sale price€1.199,00
Audacious Leather Oak DeskAudacious Leather Oak Desk
Audacious Leather Oak Desk Sale price€1.399,00
Audacious Horizons Oak DeskAudacious Horizons Oak Desk
Audacious Horizons Oak Desk Sale price€1.399,00
Audacious Horizons SideboardAudacious Horizons Sideboard
Audacious Horizons Sideboard Sale price€1.299,00
Omni Ceiling LampOmni Ceiling Lamp
Omni Ceiling Lamp Sale price€519,00
Asteria Spot LampAsteria Spot Lamp
Asteria Spot Lamp Sale price€179,00
Asteria Move Marble Mini Portable LampAsteria Move Marble Mini Portable Lamp
Cornet Lampshade - WOO .DesignCornet Lampshade - WOO .Design
Cornet Lampshade Sale price€89,00
Brighter Days Lampshade - WOO .DesignBrighter Days Lampshade - WOO .Design
Brighter Days Lampshade Sale price€79,00
Clava Dine Wood Lampshade - WOO .DesignClava Dine Wood Lampshade - WOO .Design
Clava Dine Wood Lampshade Sale price€539,00
Asteria Pendant Lamp - WOO .DesignAsteria Pendant Lamp - WOO .Design
Asteria Plus Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom €259,00
Omni Wall Lamp - WOO .DesignOmni Wall Lamp - WOO .Design
Omni Wall Lamp Sale price€419,00
Asteria Wall Lamp - WOO .DesignAsteria Wall Lamp - WOO .Design
Asteria Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom €219,00
Italic Sideboard - WOO .DesignItalic Sideboard - WOO .Design
Italic Sideboard Sale price€1.599,00
The Socialite Counter Stool - WOO .DesignThe Socialite Counter Stool - WOO .Design
The Socialite Counter Stool Sale price€559,00
Faraday Lampshade - WOO .DesignFaraday Lampshade - WOO .Design
Faraday Lampshade Sale priceFrom €319,00
Manta Ray Lampshade - WOO .DesignManta Ray Lampshade - WOO .Design
Manta Ray Lampshade Sale price€179,00
Clava Wood Lampshade - WOO .DesignClava Wood Lampshade - WOO .Design
Clava Wood Lampshade Sale price€539,00
Eos XX-Large Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos XX-Large Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos XX-Large Lampshade Sale price€1.319,00
Eos X-Large Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos X-Large Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos X-Large Lampshade Sale price€459,00
Eos Large Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Large Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Large Lampshade Sale priceFrom €319,00
Eos Medium Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Medium Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Medium Lampshade Sale priceFrom €149,00
Eos Mini Lampshade - WOO .DesignEos Mini Lampshade - WOO .Design
Eos Mini Lampshade Sale priceFrom €119,00
Carmina Mini Lampshade - WOO .DesignCarmina Mini Lampshade - WOO .Design
Carmina Mini Lampshade Sale price€79,00
Carmina Lampshade - WOO .DesignCarmina Lampshade - WOO .Design
Carmina Lampshade Sale price€119,00
Ribbon Lampshade - WOO .DesignRibbon Lampshade - WOO .Design
Ribbon Lampshade Sale priceFrom €79,00